How COVID-19 Pandemic Affects the Trends of Overseas Education


How COVID-19 Pandemic Affects the Trends of Overseas Education

Studying abroad has the immeasurable value for the students seeking rewarding career growth. However, the coronavirus pandemic unquestionably impacted foreign education as well. Due to health concerns, large social networks, and international travel, COVID-19 has devastated students' aspirations to study abroad.  According to a report by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), the coronavirus outbreak has impacted the decision of over 48% of Indian students ready for overseas studies. Moreover, it has also led to a severe disturbance in the research phase of higher education. Here know

how the COVID-19 pandemic affects the trends of overseas education in India:

Preferences to e-Learning Programs

As the classrooms shrink to rooms across the globe, students prefer to continue their foreign education through e-Learning programs. They are taking classes on digital media while sitting in India. Such programs consist of e-Learning content in the form of videos, audio lessons, worksheets, textbooks, and online assessments. This distinctive rise in e-Learning programs helping students to continue with their studies.

Changes in Destination

Many aspiring students are even planning to pursue overseas education abroad in the next coming 5-10 months. However, amid pandemic, their locations and university preferences have been changed. Students are now looking for countries that are nearer to India.  Several universities in nearby countries creating opportunities to attract Indian students with new safety measures. All campuses are being sanitized and have restricted mobility inside or outside the premises. 

Student Travel Insurance

Students realize the importance of travel insurance. They prefer it, even if their visa or overseas study program does not require it. However, in some countries, it is mandatory. After the corona outbreak, uncertainty can hit anytime to anyone. It's better to stay protected and secured with the comprehensive travel insurance. It helps you if in case you fall sick or met with an accident or stuck due to any untoward event in a foreign country. So, if you are planning to go abroad for studies soon after the COVID-19 pandemic gets over, check the exclusive 'Student Travel Insurance' offered by Care Travel Insurance.  It acts as your savior when you are on foreign land and covers your medical and non-medical travel risks. You can get it online easily at an affordable premium.


eLearning platforms are helping students to continue with their courses from their home countries. However, in India, internet issues, family disturbance, no strict vigilance, insufficient bandwidth, etc. are the challenges that are still to overcome. But, the excitement of getting exposure to a new education system, culture, people, and places never take a backseat because of coronavirus. Indian aspirants are still living their dreams to study abroad as soon as the world gets rid out of pandemic.  So, till the time you get the news that international travel has resumed, you can search for the universities in the least affected countries that are offering decent overseas education courses. Also, get the idea of how international travel insurance online is helpful in your new journey towards a new life. 

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