Here's Your Comprehensive Guide to Single Trip Travel Insurance


Here's Your Comprehensive Guide to Single Trip Travel Insurance

Travelling overseas without derailing your budget is no rocket science, just a bit more consideration to buying your travel insurance! 

Overseas trips are usually prone to bank-breaking events such as airline cancellation, missed or misplaced baggage, emergency hospitalisations etc. However, you do not have to worry if you have secured your trip with overseas travel insurance. 

Therefore, covering your trip with a single trip travel insurance is important even on a once-in-a-lifetime visit to a foreign country. Today, through this blog, we will elaborate on single-trip travel insurance. Further, we’ll review the major differences between the two primary forms of travel insurance before we start outlining the key elements of single-trip travel insurance.

What is Single-trip Travel Insurance?

Single-trip travel insurance is a travel insurance policy covering one trip from the source country at a time. Let’s take an example for your reference:

Scenario 1: Madhav planned a trip to visit multiple countries. He took off from India on the 15th of June and visited  Germany, Italy, and Russia during his one-month-long trip. 

Scenario 2: Jason, on the other hand, planned a trip to Germany, returned to India and took another flight to Malaysia on the same day. He returned again and then flew off to Italy before coming back home.

In the above two cases, Madhav was on a single trip, whereas Jason took multiple trips. 

In summary, in a single trip, you take off from the source country and return only after completing your complete trip. 

What is The Difference Between Single & Multi-trip Travel Insurance? 

Single-Trip Travel Insurance Multi-trip Travel Insurance
Best suited for people who travel once a year Best suited for frequent travellers
Minimum entry age is 1 day and no bar on maximum entry age Minimum entry age 1 day, but maximum entry age is 70 years
Premium is generally low Premium is comparatively higher
Trip duration minimum 2 days to maximum 365 days No minimum trip duration with a maximum trip duration of 45 days or 60 days
Plan customisation option for every trip  Same policy for whole year without customisation 

After you are done comparing single and multi-trip travel insurance, let’s consider a few benefits of buying single-trip travel insurance.

Benefits of Single Trip Travel Insurance

A single trip insurance policy covers only one international trip until you return home. Here are some benefits you get under single-trip travel insurance:

Coverage for Missed Flights and Trip Cancellations 

Your Single-trip travel insurance covers expenses incurred due to last-minute flight delays.  Similarly, a trip cancellation may result from an unexpected illness or plan change . A travel insurance policy might be useful in these situations because it covers financial losses brought on by things like cancelled tickets.

Baggage or Passport Loss

There are many circumstances when baggage is lost at airports without a fault of your own. Online travel insurance allows you to claim for such baggage loss. Another unpleasant incident that could happen when travelling abroad is losing important papers like your passport and International driving licence. Do not worry; your single-trip travel insurance will assist you in replacing any missing documents you may have, including your passport.

Medical Assistance and Emergency Evacuation

In emergency hospitalisation or medical evacuation, having financial cover becomes crucial. 

The healthcare systems in most foreign countries are expensive, in contrast to the treatments available in India. Thus, a single-trip travel insurance policy may be de-stressing if you require medical attention. Additionally, it will protect you in dire circumstances in case you need to be evacuated.

Features of Single-Trip Travel Insurance

Due to their comprehensive coverage for the insured, whether travelling domestically or overseas, single-trip travel insurance is amongst the most popular insurance policies. Consider some of the best characteristics of a single-trip travel insurance plan:

Affordable Premiums: Single-trip  travel insurance  comes at an affordable premium as compared to multi-trip plans. Single-trip travel insurance can also be customised as per destination-specific needs.

Medical Benefits: Having travel insurance for your one-time trip will ensure that you remain covered against medical emergencies. The plan shall also insure you if you need medical admittance due to accidents or other covered reasons.

Customisable: Single-trip travel insurance offers several optional extra features for a small fee. For instance, add-on coverage can be used to obtain benefits like adventure sports insurance or home burglary insurance.

Associated Benefits: The single-trip travel insurance will cover  many flight-related risks, including flight cancellation, hijacking, and delays or cancellations on the part of the airline.

COVID-19 Coverage: Many insurers offer COVID-19-related benefits with their single-trip travel insurance in case the insured gets infected in a foreign land.

Things to Consider While Buying Single-Trip Travel Insurance

A single-trip insurance is a great option if you take an annual vacation and need sufficient coverage for the duration of your trip. Before purchasing a single-trip travel insurance policy, however, the following considerations must be made:

  • The plan is practical if there are no more than one or two excursions in a calendar year. If you plan to travel abroad more than twice, this strategy is not feasible financially.
  • Verify that another coverage does not already cover the trip. The benefits of international travel insurance plans and some life or medical insurance plans that might cover brief international travels are now offered by a number of credit cards.
  • Don't wait to purchase single-trip travel insurance after the trip dates and airline tickets have been reserved. This will protect you from cancelled flights, reservations, or trips.
  • Always consider the type of coverage required. Choose a plan that provides safety for the essential items based on your trip schedule and the types of activities you have scheduled.
  • Before choosing a travel insurance policy, don't forget to compare the top options on our website. Finding the best suited policy at the best price will be simpler.
  • It's critical to understand everything the insurer offers or excludes and their track record as a whole. Verify the time it takes to process claims, the company's claim-to-settlement ratio, and overall consumer ratings.

Summing it Up

Travelling is best done with an open heart and cheerful spirit. Nothing can keep you from enjoying yourself when adequate travel insurance protects  you from all potential mishaps. Travel insurance lets you safely embark on your journey and fully enjoy it. Therefore, compare travel insurance plans, purchase coverage, and maintain protection. As the plan coverage differs from country to country, there are a few considerations when buying travel insurance. Care Health Insurance offers International Travel Insurance with region-specific plans to safeguard you in a foreign land against unexpected medical expenses or trip cancellations.

So, pack your bags without any anxieties or ambivalence and begin your joyous journey.

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and claims underwriting are subject to policy terms and conditions. Kindly refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.



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