Business Class Vs First Class Flight: 6 Key Features You Must Know


Business Class Vs First Class Flight: 6 Key Features You Must Know

When it comes to international travel, everyone enjoys convenience and comfort—which only a prominent airline can provide. Ironically, an international flight’s onboard experience can be quite different, depending upon which category of traveller you are. Travellers swear by the experience of every flight to the extent that a flight of 6 hours feels like a 3-hour journey if you are sitting “up front” in business class.  The reason behind this joy ride is the complimentary experience of luxury and comfort that comes attached with a first-class flight ticket. 

In this article, we will thoroughly analyse business class vs first-class flights, which will help you understand how these two travel classes differ and which one to choose depending on your travel preferences. 

What are First-class Seats in Flight? 

You must prefer the first class seat if you seek ultimate comfort while air travel. As the name suggests, First Class cabin in any airline is meant for those passengers who board the flight first. Usually, the first-class cabin has a minimal number of seats (not more than 10) towards the aircraft's cockpit, offering more incredible luxury, exclusive service, and more privacy and space to the passenger. By charging a slightly higher fare, all airlines prioritize early boarding for first-class riders while offering superlative facilities such as: 

  • Exceptional in-flight experience laden with more comfort, 
  • Ample space and legroom, 
  • An extensive menu offering exclusive food & drinks
  • Fully Lie-flat beds

Apart from the above, first-class fights ensure the following complimentary facilities:

  • VIP pickup service from your home in a chauffeur-driven car, 
  • A dedicated check-in facility, and 
  • State-of-the-art airport lounges, where you can get complimentary services such as free food & drinks and comfy workstations with free Wi-Fi.

Note: If you don't board the flight first, you will risk no bin space left for your luggage. Ideally, the bin space in the first class cabin is meant for only the first class passengers, although this rule isn't compulsory. 

What is Business Class in Flight?

The business Class category is designed for corporate travellers, offering them the best of both worlds—work and leisure. Being slightly more expensive than economy class but cheaper than first-class, the business class flight seats are comfortable and have facilities such as— 

  • Exclusive meals like a restaurant with limited drinks, 
  • Facilities for work & relaxation and 
  • Fully lie-flat beds. 

With excellent cuisine and amenities, it's the go-to choice for business and leisure travellers alike.

What is the Main Difference Between Business Class And First Class?

The main difference between First Class and Business Class lies in the comfort level and variety of amenities available under both categories. 

The First Class flight ticket gives you some exclusive amenities than a business class ticket. These include—

  • Greater luggage allowance, 
  • VIP pickup service via Chauffeur-driven car, 
  • A convenient way through check-in, 
  • A Super-deluxe airport lounge, 
  • An intimate first-class suite.

Business Class vs First Class: A Comparative Analysis

While business-class cabins are accustomed to the need of corporate travellers and have a few luxury upgrades, first-class cabins are designed to offer ultimate luxury. Accordingly, both have different facilities to offer:

First Class vs Business Class Flight


  • Business class offers spacious seats with extra legroom but less space than the first class. Whereas the first-class seats are the most spacious, with fully extended legroom.
  • Unlike business class, first-class cabins have dedicated personal flight attendants for each passenger.
  • Seats are generally placed side-by-side in rows in business-class cabins. There are separate rooms for recliner seats. On the other hand, first-class are convertible to lie-flat beds with all accessories. There are limited lie-flat beds available for long-haul flights in business-class cabins.
  • Business-class seats are partitioned to provide some privacy. Comparatively, individual first-class cabins are personalised to offer complete privacy.
  • Both business and first-class provide amenity kits, but first-class amenity kits also include slippers and pyjamas.


  • While at business-class lounges, you’ll be served a light dinner with limited drinks; first-class lounges offer opulent dining & drinks, with all exotic beverages on board. 4-course meals are occasionally available in business-class lounges. 
  • While business and first-class lounges offer well-equipped workspaces with free WiFi, a first-class lounge also offers desk and office equipment.
  • While some business-class lounges have separate meeting rooms, first-class lounges have private rooms equipped with a spa. Some even have a shower.
  • With a first-class ticket, you can also access a shared lounge for flight companions. However, guests or pets are not allowed. There is no restriction on first-class flights, as all Guests and pets are welcome aboard (except some prohibited pets) here.
  • Apart from the above, a first-class ticket also assures you a  premium customer service that may include concierge check-in, valet parking, and personal assistant for pick-up. No such premium service is, however, available on business-class flights.


  • The menu is fixed for all business-class travellers which includes specific cuisines with limited hard drinks and cocktails.
  • Whereas a first-class flight offers you an à la carte menu featuring all gourmet meals from various cuisines and appetisers, with a wide variety of hard drinks such as wines, champagne, whiskeys, and assorted cocktails.
  • All meals are served in fine china and crystal crockery on both business and first-class flights.

On-board Experience

  • Both business and first-class flights provide dedicated check-in service. 
  • However, with a first-class ticket, you can also get specific luxury add-ons such as valet parking, curbside check-in with concierge service, advanced security and a personal flight attendant.

Availability of Seats

  • A business-class cabin is available on most airlines. Some airlines also feature a premium business class cabin with more space and legroom.
  • On the other hand, a first-class cabin is available only on selected airlines and for international flights only. 
  • Besides, first-class seats on flights are exclusive to only a few “early-bird” passengers on a flight.


  • The fare of a business-class seat is approximately double the fare of a basic economy ticket.
  • The fare of a first-class seat is approximately 6 times the fare of a basic economy ticket.

Will Travel Insurance Cover the Cost of Upgrading to a Business Class Ticket?

Yes, the Care International travel insurance plan covers upgrading to a Business Class Ticket from an Economy Class Ticket during a medical emergency. 

If, during the period of the insurance policy, you are hospitalised for a severe illness or injury for five consecutive days or more, and your return to your home country is within 20 days of your discharge, the insurer will reimburse the cost of upgrading to a Business Class Ticket for the return flight. However, there are two critical conditions—

  • You should not be initially booked for a business-class flight.
  • No claim should have been priorly admitted for the economy class ticket.

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and claims underwriting are subject to policy terms and conditions. Kindly refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

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