5 Essential Covers to Check in Your Travel Insurance Plan


5 Essential Covers to Check in Your Travel Insurance Plan

Do Check If Your Travel Insurance Covers You in These 5 Situations

Planning a trip to an international destination, whether for business or a yearly vacation, is a thrilling experience. Exploring new cities, shopping and creating travel memories – we often only look at the brighter side of things without considering the possible travel risks.

The probability of events like a physical injury, theft or flight cancellations could be low, yet getting travel insurance online is the simplest solution to cover the major travel risks and be stress-free on your journey abroad.

As a buyer, you must check if your policy offers the vital features that would meet the goals of a comfortable international trip.

5 Essentials that must be covered by your travel insurance

1) Medical Emergency

Medical emergency is the foremost reason why you must opt for a travel plan. You cannot say with certainty that nothing can go wrong during your trip. A sudden illness can not only spoil your vacation time but also leave you helpless as far as finances are concerned. Moreover, medical treatment can be costly in some countries and can upset your budget if you do not have the support of travel insurance. A good travel policy should cover your expenses in case of emergency hospitalization due to illness or injuries and also the treatment of pre-existing health conditions if they become life-threatening.

In the case of international travel insurance, some features that can be advantageous for a tourist facing a medical exigency include cover for medical evacuation and cover for treatment in one’s home country.

2) Loss of Passport and Personal Belongings

It may happen that your baggage is mishandled at the airport, leaving you anxious and stranded. It is always recommended to put identification tags that would help in tracking misplaced baggage. With a travel insurance plan, you can be assured the costs that you incur in such situations will be covered by your insurer. Typically, travel plans cover delay or loss of checked-in baggage.

Another must-have feature in an insurance policy for your international travel is coverage for loss of vital passport documents. In case of events like these, you are required to report the issue to the authorities or the nearest police station as well as your insurer.

3) Travel Destination Risks

The destination you are heading to may be prone to natural disasters like earthquakes, cyclone or hurricanes. Damages caused due to such incidents can ruin the entire purpose of your international trip. Buying an international travel insurance plan that offers adequate coverage for your destination-related risks is an effort made in the right direction.

4) Trip Delays, Interruptions or Cancellation

Flight delays, interruptions or cancellation can be a possibility as a result of adverse weather conditions or other unforeseen reasons in the country you are traveling to. If that happens, you are likely to incur additional costs on accommodation, food, etc.

In such cases, you can expect to get your incurred costs reimbursed by your insurer under a travel policy that covers trip delays, interruptions or cancellation.

5) Personal Liability

Personal liability cover is one of the beneficial features of travel insurance policies. You must not overlook the likelihood of sudden incidents that can make you accountable for covering damages to a third-party – that could be an individual or his/her property.

Before buying an insurance plan for your international travel, make sure to check for personal liability cover in the policy details. However, there may be exclusions that you must always check.

Find comfort in buying travel insurance online and get benefits that suit your specific travel objectives through Care Health Insurance.

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and underwriting of claims may vary. Please refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, terms and conditions carefully.

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