What to do if your USA Student Visa Gets Cancelled?


What to do if your USA Student Visa Gets Cancelled?

Studying in a foreign like the United States, where there are a plethora of career opportunities, is a dream for many students. However, this long cherished dream may get unexpectedly cancelled because of a long unauthorised break from the regular studies, which leads to cancellation or termination of the student visa.

There are two different scenarios when such a visa cancellation takes place—

  • Whenever a student continues to stay in the United States without regularly attending school for an extended period.
  • When a student remains away from the varsity and stays several months out of the US.

What Does US Visa Cancellation Mean?

If the US administration has straight away revoked or cancelled your student visa, it simply means that your student visa is now invalid. Henceforth, you are not permitted to enter the U.S.

  • Whenever such a situation occurs, you will receive an official email from an embassy or consulate of the U.S. in your country informing you about the termination of your student visa.
  • Otherwise you may also receive written confirmation from a U.S. government agency, however this is not certain.

What To Do in case of Cancellation of Study Visa?

Once you receive an official email regarding the visa cancellation, you should do the following—

  • Immediately contact the ISS and send them a copy of the revocation and/or cancellation notice.
  • In case of cancellation of Student Visa by USA in India-situated US embassy, the student must immediately file for the visa reapplication. This process is also known as the US Visa Reinstatement Application.

When Does a US Study Visa Get Cancelled?

According to the US immigration by-laws, if an undergraduate individual having a student visa in the USA has taken a break from studies and has left the US, s/he has to return within 5 months, else his/her study visa gets cancelled.

The USA study visa requirements clearly specify that the student holding a student visa in the USA from India or anywhere in the world, must not be on leave for more than five months, to remain enrolled in a US university.

Different Scenarios for US Study Visa Cancellation

Given below are different scenarios when a student’s visa in USA gets cancelled:

  • Failure to Attend School: If a foreign student in the USA fails to attend university for more than 5 months, the visa gets cancelled automatically and/or is denied reinstatement. Such a student can reapply for a study visa at a U.S. consulate in his/her home country. Consular officers are instructed to review the reasons that a student was not attending classes. The US consulate will then review the case, and will accordingly determine if the applicant is a bona fide scholar and deserves a new US student visa. Evidently, the likelihood of approval for a new visa depends on the legitimacy of the reason for being away from school, as specified by the student.
  • Transfer of College/Course: If you are in the process to transfer from your current college/course to another, and you fail to resume classes within the 5 months lapse period, your US visa stamp will automatically become invalid. In this case, the US government cancels your student visa due to lack of knowledge of your reason to be out of status.
  • Extended Travel Abroad: If you are travelling out of the USA and not attending varsity for more than 5 months, your student visa is automatically cancelled. In this situation, the student visa becomes invalid because the student has discontinued studies beyond the lapse period. So, after 5 months, the student no longer remains enrolled in the varsity. Despite the visa stamp in the passport not expired yet, his/her student visa becomes invalid in this case. If such a student presents the visa at the US port of entry, the custom officer will simply invalidate it and deny entry.

In any of the cases mentioned above, if the student has departed in a timely manner, s/he would not be denied visa reapplication.

Will my Student Visa be cancelled if I am away for a curricular activity?

No. If you are away from the United States for more than the lapse period of 5 months for curricular activities, your study visa will not become invalid in this case. Such curricular activities may include the following:

  • Research work
  • An accredited study abroad scholarship program
  • Vocational (on-the-job) training
  • Campus placement interview sessions abroad

In all the above cases, the college/university should maintain the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) record. This record is mandatory for maintaining a database of every non-immigrant student and exchange visitors and their dependents. On the basis of the SEVIS record, the student is considered to be in compliance with the requirements of the scholarship.

How to Reapply for a US Study Visa?

If a student wants to return to school in the United States after a break of more than five months, it is necessary to reapply for a visa at the U.S. consulate. The student needs a valid I-20 from the school and must verify with the school that the SEVIS record is in active status.

When to apply for an extended break?

If you wish to take an extended break, you should do the following—

  • Get approval from your school or university. If needed, they will terminate your SEVIS record as the proof of the authorised withdrawal.
  • This is the most preferable way to take a break from studies rather than disappearing without notice, wherein you will be marked as not compliant with the terms of visa status.
  • You will now automatically receive a fresh Form I-20 along with SEVIS registration application if you are ready to resume your studies.
  • Once the SEVIS record is terminated, you cannot stay in the United States simply because it has been marked by your university as the authorised withdrawal.

You should either apply for some other lawful status to remain in the U.S. legally. Else you must depart from the U.S. and then seek a readmission as a new student of the university.

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