Top 5 Destinations Indians Can Visit On E-tourist Visa


Top 5 Destinations Indians Can Visit On E-tourist Visa

I planned a trip abroad and applied for my tourist visa. Just after submitting my Visa after long waiting hours, I realized that I missed updating some necessary information, and thus, my Visa may get cancelled!

If ‘I’ is you, our commiserations are with you! The hustle of following tiresome procedures for filling out the tourist Visa and getting rejected at the end is indeed disheartening! 

Thank god, we can now file for E-visas at our own pace! Wait, are you unaware of the e-tourist visa facility? Do you know what an E-visa is? Let us help.

What is an E- Visa?

An E-visa, also known as an online visa, is a legal document allowing you to travel to a foreign land without filing a visa offline. The process, from filling up the form to making the payment, is all online when filing for an E-visa. Once your E-visa gets approved, the official legal document is sent to you via mail. 

What is an E-Tourist Visa?

Online visas or E-visa are majorly bifurcated into five categories:

  • e-Tourist
  • e-Business
  • e-Medical
  • e-Medical Attendant, and 
  • e-Conference visas.

Out of these, an e-Tourist Visa facility is an online visa granted to an individual whose sole purpose in visiting a foreign land is recreation, casual sightseeing, or meeting up with friends and family.

How Can I Apply or an E-Tourist Visa from India?

  1. Applying for an e-Visa is a simple 5- step process. Here you go:
  2. Visit the official web portal to file for the e-Tourist Visa:
  3. Navigate to the bottom of the page and click on “Apply here for e-Visa.”
  4. Fill out the complete form and upload your photo and passport page.
  5. Pay the e-Tourist Visa fee online.
  6. Receive Your Electronic Travel Allowance by mail.

Although applying for an e-visa is relatively straightforward, you can still approach reliable visa application centers near you for help.

What are Some of the Best Destinations to Visit on an e-tourist Visa?

Around 35 countries from across the globe provide entrance to Indian nationals with an e-Tourist visa. For the globetrotter inside you, we are mentioning the top 5 countries that can be visited with an e-visa in your mailbox! 

South Korea

south korea buddha sinheungsa temple

Here’s some good news for all the BTS Fans out there! South Korea allows you to travel to the country and live under one sky with your idol on an e-Tourist visa! Now that you can save your energy standing in queues, plan your next visit to South Korea and have a vacation that you have always dreamt of! Don’t forget to explore the country's spree markets, picturesque sceneries, and tasty cuisine!


vietnam golden bridge

Vietnam is famous for its undeniable beauty and its rich culture! If travelling with a visa is what was stopping you from visiting the country, then this is your clue! Just apply for your e-Tourist Visa and take the flight to your dream destination! 



Thailand is yet another country well-known for its picturesque beaches, sumptuous temples, mouth-watering food, and rich cultural heritage. If you are one of those who have an inclination toward history, Thailand is a place you should explore.

Wait no more! Just apply for your e-Tourist Visa for Thailand and start packing for a life experience.


singapore skyline marina twilight

If you are someone who enjoys adventures, Singapore is a country that you should visit on an e-Tourist visa. The country has a lot to offer in the name of human-made beaches, adventure parks, the Universal Studio, and, of course- The Lantern Festival!



Do you know? Bahrain is the only Gulf Country that provides e-Visa entry to Indian nationals. If you are looking forward to tasting modernity and rich heritage in one bite, Bahrain is the country you can plan a short trip to.

List of All the Countries that Provide an E-Visa to Indians

A total of 35 countries from across the globe can provide you an entry on an e-Visa if you are an Indian Citizen. Here is a list of all the countries:

Armenia Azerbaijan Bahrain Barbados Benin
Cambodia Colombia Cote D’lvoire Djibouti Ethiopia Guinea Bissau
Guinea Bissau Georgia Kenya Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Republic
Lesotho Myanmar Moldova New Zealand Papua New Guinea
Russian Federation Saint Lucia Saint Vincent and Grenadines South Korea Singapore
Sri Lanka Suriname Taiwan Tajikistan Tanzania
Thailand Uzbekistan Uganda Vietnam Zambia

Source: Ministry Of External Affairs

Pack Your Bags!

Well, now that we have mentioned all the countries that provide you with an easier mode of travel by allowing you to visit on an e-visa, pack your bags. Apply for your e-visa, grab your passports, collect your international travel insurance plan and move out to experience an utterly explicit experience.

Well, when you have an easy way out to filing an e-visa, why struggle to get an international travel insurance plan? Just visit the Care health insurance website and get a quote for the most suitable insurance plan for yourself right away!

With our travel insurance plan, you can rest assured to start a worry-free journey and be at ease for any financial crisis as we cover you for any unforeseen mishap as easily as A B C! 

Disclaimer:  The above information is for reference purposes only: Policy Assurance and Claims at the underwriter’s discretion.

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