6 Useful Tips to Visit the Middle East on a Budget


6 Useful Tips to Visit the Middle East on a Budget

"Travelling comes easy to those who travel without barriers."

If you are an avid traveller and love exploring the world, you would definitely know how to travel around the globe on a budget. Let’s talk about the least travelled region in terms of leisure tourism, the Middle East.

Comprised of 16 countries, the Middle East offers a lot to travellers who want to experience sheer grandeur. Encompassing some amazing tourist destinations, it won’t disappoint you if you have high hopes and the zest to seize the best out of your trip. Let’s say Dubai, the mecca for almost every international travel offers an enthralling and luxurious experience.

Read through to learn how you can travel to the finest destinations of the Middle East on a Budget.

Useful Tips to Visit the Middle East on a Budget

distant view burj khalifa

Imagine you are in one of the countries of the Middle East and find yourself in a scuffle to make ends meet due to limited funds available. Keeping this in consideration, we have listed down the 6 most instrumental tips that would help you have your trip on Budget:

Plan Your Travel in Groups

Travelling alone can cost you a fortune. There are plenty of things to be considered while planning a trip that could cost a bomb for just one person. Prefer planning your trip with your friends and family to avoid shelling out so much money. Having two or more people along will make your trip reasonable, and also, nothing makes a trip better than travel partners to share it with!

Prefer Public Transport or Rent a Car to Travel around the Cities

You would hate to spend so much on taxis as they cost you a pretty penny, and you would regret taking the cab. To avoid spending so much on travel across the cities, either take public transport or rent a car to be at ease. So, travel wisely and freely by saving your travel funds.

Make an Itinerary before Leaving

Ensure you have an itinerary in place a few days before you embark on the journey. Itineraries make things convenient as you would already have a plan once you land for your leisure trip, and it would save you ample time. So, take a pen and paper and browse the attractions you would want to visit before you arrive in the Cradle of civilization- the Middle East.

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Book Your Tickets well in Advance

Many airlines release their flight schedule almost a year in advance. Getting the advance bookings in place will save you a hefty amount of money and get you plenty of deals. If you are planning a trip, book your tickets right after your plan gets confirmed. Delays in bookings can get you to spend even more.

Go for Budget Dining

The Middle East is home to some sumptuous delicacies you can eat even at not-so-expensive dining places. Budgeting for dining will help you save a good amount of money and give you a pleasing experience. So, be thoughtful while planning your meals.

Don’t Ignore Buying Comprehensive Travel Insurance

Last but not least, one of the most instrumental tips while travelling overseas is having comprehensive travel insurance in place. Imagine encountering an accident or getting mugged in a foreign land and having no rescue. It will be devastating if you are not fully protected by a travel insurance plan for the Middle East. Care Health Insurance’s exclusively tailored international travel insurance plans offer medical and non-medical benefits to travellers travelling worldwide. So, do not miss out on our one-of-a-kind travel plan to secure your next extravagant trip to the Middle East.

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and claims underwriting are subject to policy terms and conditions. Kindly refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.


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