Tips to Follow Before Buying Best Travel Insurance for Dubai


tips to follow before buying best travel insurance for dubai

Dubai is one of the most coveted destinations in the world, thanks to its warm hospitality and pristine beaches. It is home to the most luxurious hotels and tallest buildings in the world. Dubai is known for its diversity and has emerged as a business hub in the Middle East. Since it is considered one of the most expensive cities; therefore, it is necessary to opt for Dubai travel insurance with thorough planning. This travel insurance will protect you against both medical and non-medical emergencies. 

Mentioned below are certain tips that you should follow before buying travel insurance for Dubai: 

  1. Getting medical treatment in Dubai can burn a hole in your pocket. Therefore, you need to opt for travel insurance that provides a wide array of medical treatments. Enquire whether the coverage for dental treatments is covered or not. 
  2. Identify the coverage for accidents, injuries, and permanent or partial disability. It is important to get coverage for the later risks as such an event may have a great impact on the finance of an individual and their family. If you are suffering from a pre-existing ailment, find out if your insurer covers it or not.
  3. It is important to consider factors such as the number of times you are traveling every year and the reason for the trip. After assessing your travel propensity, you can buy travel insurance for Dubai.
  4. Every travel insurance plan covers loss of checked-in baggage, flight cancellations, and medical evacuation. However, make sure to investigate about this coverage before buying travel insurance for Dubai.
  5. When traveling to Dubai, opt for travel insurance that covers accidental deaths in a foreign land. You must consider Explore-International Travel Insurance by Care Travel Insurance as it safeguards you and your family against such situations by providing financial security.
  6. Trip cancellation insurance takes care of the expenses if the trip gets canceled because of the illness of an immediate family member or the occurrence of a natural calamity. Make sure you go through the insurance policy carefully.
  7. Some insurance companies also offer financial security on a foreign trip when you need it. Emergencies such as theft or loss of cash can happen to anybody. Travel insurance is designed to cover such situations.
  8. Buying an insurance policy that provides financial compensation for the death of the policyholder acts as a great help to the family members.


As the popular saying goes, “There are two sides to every coin”. Similarly, planning a trip to Dubai can be exciting. But it also comes with its shares of risk. Therefore, it is always a smart decision to choose international travel insurance as it covers all the unanticipated costs and covers all common travel crisis that will help you if you are visiting a new country. 

Anyone planning to visit Dubai is required to buy Explore-International Travel Insurance by Care Travel Insurance. The minimum age of the insured should be 18 years and above. Buying Explore-International Travel Insurance will protect you from any adversity. Make sure you choose travel insurance depending upon the purpose and frequency of the trip.


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