Overseas Mediclaim Policy: 5 Things You Should Know While Buying


Overseas Mediclaim Policy: 5 Things You Should Know While Buying

Are you someone who loves travelling but has taken a backseat because you are prone to various health issues?

If yes, you should cover your trips with an overseas mediclaim policy.

Globetrotters often perceive overseas mediclaim or a travel health insurance as an unnecessary requirement while travelling to a foreign land. However, the truth is otherwise.

In times of a medical emergency, when you don’t have access to your family or friends in a foreign country, a carefully bought overseas mediclaim policy can come to your rescue!

However, to ensure that your travel insurance can come in as handy, you should make an informed purchase. Today, this article will illuminate five factors that you should consider while buying an online overseas mediclaim.

But first, let us understand Overseas Mediclaim Insurance or travel health insurance in its true senses.

What is the Overseas Mediclaim Policy?

Suppose, you are on a trip to Italy. The trip goes well until the third day where a minor slip from the stairs leads you to several bruises.You visit the hospital and realise that the prescribed treatment may derail your entire trip budget!

In such a scenario, you may take a sigh of relief if you have bought a comprehensive overseas mediclaim policy.

An overseas mediclaim policy is a financial cushion that covers your trip against medical emergencies that you may encounter during your trip to a foreign land. A carefully bought travel health insurance indemnifies expenses incurred due to accidental injuries, illnesses, and/or hospitalisation due to pre-existing disease.

Read on to understand the factors that you should consider while buying an overseas mediclaim.

Factors To Consider While Buying Overseas Mediclaim Policy

While you plan to secure your foreign tour with an online overseas mediclaim insurance, you should consider the factors mentioned below.

Check Coverage for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

While buying an overseas mediclaim insurance, you should ensure that your plan provides coverage for any doctor visits, treatments or hospitalisation incurred due to a pre-existing medical condition. Read the policy documents to make sure that your overseas mediclaim covers the existing conditions that you or your travel companion might be suffering from.

Having coverage for pre-existing disease will ensure that you do not have to derail your trip budget should you encounter an emergency due to your pre-existing health problems.

Know The Coverage of the Overseas Mediclaim

A mediclaim insurance in an overseas country should be the one that may come to your rescue when your trip budget can’t! Thus, it is important that you consider the plan’s coverage carefully. Look through the policy’s terms and conditions to understand the conditions of coverage and exclusions of the plan. Stop and ask for expert’s assistance, if you are confused about the plans coverage and exclusion. Understanding the coverage in advance will save you from heartbreaking surprises at the end.

Understand Sub-limits and Deductibles

Most of the benefits in an overseas mediclaim can come with certain limits under the name of “Sub-limits” or “Deductibles”. It is important that you understand such terms well in advance and make an informed decision while making the purchase of overseas travel insurance.

Sub-limits are the constraint up to which your insurer shall pay for a specific benefit whereas, deductible is an amount that you may have to pay from your pocket if you file a claim.

The sub-limits and deductibles may vary from policy to policy. The best overseas mediclaim are the ones that have minimum to no sub-limits or deductibles. Thus, you should always compare travel insurance to understand the limitations and choose the most appropriate plan.

Check Out for Network Hospitals Beforehand

Some of the best travel insurance companies in India join hands with excellent healthcare providers across the world to provide cashless treatments to their customers. While purchasing the overseas mediclaim policy, it is crucial to check whether your travel insurance company provides cashless services in the country you are about to visit. To check for the network hospitals in your destination country, you can simply take help from your insurer or look up online.

Look Out for New Age Benefits

New age benefits such as companion visit, emergency medical evacuation, or repatriation cover can prove to be handy whether you buy overseas mediclaim policy for students or the elderly. Hence, while purchasing a travel health insurance, you should always choose a plan that provides such new-age benefits without any extra added cost!

Secure Your Trip with the Best Overseas Mediclaim Policy

Now that you know what crucial factors to consider while buying an overseas mediclaim policy, it is time to choose the best travel insurance available online.

At Care Health Insurance, we provide comprehensive medical coverage up to the sum insured under most of our travel insurance plans. Through our international travel insurance, we do not just cover medical emergencies but also look after your financial needs during non-medical contingencies.

Thus, the next time you wish to take an overseas mediclaim, don’t forget to check out the best— Care Health Insurance!

Disclaimer: All plan features, benefits, coverage, and claims underwriting are subject to policy terms and conditions. Kindly refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

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