8 Safety Tips to Secure Your Business Trip Abroad


8 Safety Tips to Secure Your Business Trip Abroad

According to a news website, between 2017-2022, around 51.6 lakh Indian citizens visited foreign countries for business purposes.

Now more than ever, business opportunities are opening pathways for people to travel across the globe. People who otherwise don’t do leisure travelling are now flying across borders to realise their dream business ideas. . However, with great opportunity comes the responsibility of securing your journey against unexpected medical or on-medical hurdles. While your primary focus is to succeed in your venture, you must make provisions for safety and healthcare emergency funds during the trip. 

So, while you pack your bags, apply for the visa, and buy travel insurance online, don’t forget to check out these eight safety tips to secure your health and finances while on an overseas business trip. 

Research About your Overseas Destination Thoroughly

Before visiting the country for business, do your homework well and take note of details such as weather conditions, common health problems, places to visit and areas to be cautious about. 

Knowing details such as hospitals available in the vicinity, driving rules, and other common rules and regulations of the destination country can also help you in avoiding any last-minute hassles or liabilities. 

Keep Your Family Informed

While travelling alone, make sure that you keep updating your family or friends with your whereabouts..  Feed the phone number of the local police in the destination country, ambulance number etc., in your phone book. Also, send a copy of your journey’s entire itinerary to friends, family and your employer. Keeping your family informed will ensure they can reach out to you in case of any emergency.

Take Health Care Seriously

A medical emergency  in an overseas country means complete derailment of the trip budget.  Yet, no matter how hard you try, certain healthcare issues are bound to arise . 

While your international travel insurance may take care of conditions such as emergency hospitalisations, you still need a complete first aid box to overcome trivial health discomfort.  

Some first aid should include pain relievers, antibiotics, medicines for gastrointestinal problems, and prescriptions to treat severe conditions of jetlag.

Save Yourself from Cab Inflation

While on your business trip, you may have to travel within the states of the destination country. Here, hiring roadside taxi drivers may cost you a fortune. Thus, to save your trip’s budget against cab inflation , always try to book cabs from trusted applications and after checking the best price.

Also, while travelling through public transport, make sure you have a map to reach your destination in time. 

Never Leave Your Details Unguarded

During your overseas business trip, be very careful with your official documents and personal information as a foreigner always becomes an easy target for crimes and synthetic identity theft. . Thus, make sure your documents are safely guarded and do not share any important document until asked in writing. 

Be Cautious about Common Theft

In a country abroad, being robbed can be devastating. Although you may get reimbursement for lost items – for instance your passport and luggage – why take the pain? 

Be cautious of the 'helpful' strangers who offer unwanted help. . Strangers who try to become too friendly may have an accomplice who can pickpocket  you when found  distracted.

Avoid Falling for  Cyber Scams

Open Wifi and stray charging points can be notoriously insecure. Such points may steal your personal data even if connected for a few minutes. As convenient as it may sound, charging phones at public ports or using public wifi can give away your personal information, like bank details, passwords, and files to scammers in seconds.  . Thus, to save your gadgets from cyber scams, always connect to wifi and charging points with safe VPN networks or at authorised places only. 

Always Cover Your Trip with Travel Insurance 

Whether travelling for business, acquiring education, or going for a vacation, buying a comprehensive travel insurance policy is the best way to secure the entire trip. 

Uncertain incidents are bound to happen during a trip, no matter how well you plan. Thus, to protect your finances from unplanned expenses  due to any mishap, always buy travel insurance that covers you for all or most of your trip-related needs.

At Care Health Insurance, we offer some of the best travel insurance plans with expansive coverage and customisable features. Our standard travel plans include benefits like   pre and post-hospitalisation coverage, trip delay cover, coverage for passport loss, coverage for lost checked-in baggage, etc.

Final Thoughts

Travelling to a foreign land can be tedious if you do not take the necessary precautions to back you up. Here, 'Explore Travel Insurance' by Care Health Insurance ensures e that you remain covered amidst any unfortunate incident. 

Care Health Insurance is one of the best travel insurers securing Indian travellers abroad. Whether travelling to the USA or Europe, we save your business trips from unplanned expenses on medical and non-medical events with comprehensive coverage options. 

By following  the above-mentioned tips and buying the right travel insurance plan, you can plan a productive business trip without any hiccups. 

Disclaimer: The above mentioned information is for reference purposes only.Please refer to the policy documents for more information.

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