Know How Hijack Distress Allowance in Travel Insurance Work


Know How Hijack Distress Allowance in Travel Insurance Work

Out of all the travel hiccups one may encounter during a journey through the clouds, being hijacked would be the last thing to anticipate! The good news is that plane hijacking has ceased in the past decade, all thanks to the strict airport laws and security measures.

However, given the obnoxious situation of wars in various parts of the world, you should be prepared for the worst scenarios if travelling through the war-affected countries. While you can avoid travelling to the war-affected areas until mandated, securing your trip with the best travel insurance can help if you can not avoid travelling.

Wondering how?

Travel insurance can cover nightmarish situations such as hijacking with the hijack distress allowance benefit. Read on to understand what is hijack distress allowance and how it works.

What is Hijack Distress Allowance?

A hijack distress allowance is a new-age coverage in international travel insurance plans. The benefit helps insured members in dire situations when they face distress because of a public vessel hijack.

An exhaustive travel insurance plan generally includes the hijack distress allowance benefit. The plan shall underline certain scenarios in which you can avail of the distress compensation for up to a certain limit of the sum insured.

Remember, not all overseas travel insurance may cover you for dire hijack situations. Thus, you should buy travel insurance only after verifying the availability of the hijack distress allowance benefit.

Read on to understand the Scenarios when you can avail of the Hijack Distress Allowance under your travel insurance policy.

In What Scenarios Can You Avail the Benefit of Hijack Distress Allowance?

Sit back and understand the scenarios in which you can avail of the hijack distress allowance if you purchase travel insurance from Care Health Insurance.

Suppose you are travelling to the UAE from New Delhi, India. God forbid your plane gets hijacked mid-way. Then, the following are the scenarios in which you can avail of hijack distress allowance.

Scenario 1: If the Hijack Exceeds 24 Hours.

A travel insurance claim for hijack distress allowance can be availed if the hijack exceeds 24 consecutive hours. In case the insured member dies during the hijack, the compensation may be covered under the personal accident benefit.

Scenario 2: Hijacked in a public vessel.

You can only avail of the hijack distress allowance if you have been hijacked in a public vessel. Your travel insurance claim may get rejected if you travel in a private vehicle and get hijacked.

Scenario 3: If you are not guilty of the hijack.

You may avail of the hijack distress allowance benefit only after you are proven innocent during the hijack. If you are found to be involved in being an asset to the hijackers, your claim may get rejected.

Scenario 4: If you are stuck on the flight during the hijack.

You can only be compensated with the hijack distress allowance if you are present in the public vehicle at the time of hijack. Suppose, you miss your flight due to running late and further the flight gets hijacked, then in such a case, the claim arising may be rejected.

Aforementioned are a few scenarios when you can avail the hijack distress allowance benefit. Now, read on to understand how does a Hijack Ditress Allowance benefit works in Travel Insurance.

How Does Hijack Distress Allowance Work?

Let’s understand the working of Hijack distress allowance with an example.

Suppose, your plane gets hijacked while travelling to the UAE. The miscreants harm you physically to cause threat.The plane gets hijacked for upto 29 hours before you are finally released.

Following this situation, you may have to see a doctor for treatment and distress counselling. Other losses such as missed connecting flight, bookings at the destination etc. follows the suit.

In such a case, you should follow the below mentioned steps to get compensated under the hijack distress allowance.

  • Step 1: Communicate the news at the hotline provided by your insurance company as soon as you get into network connectivity.
  • Step 2: Provide the proof of the hijacking in the form of police reports, official statements, etc.
  • Step 3: Submit your proof of being in the hijacked flight such your check-in details.
  • Step 4: Submit the proof of financial losses you have incurred due to the hijack.
  • Step 5: Wait for the travel insurance company to approve your claim.

Remember, your claim may get rejected if you fail to provide enough proof of being stuck in the hijack. Thus, it is important that you submit all the proves and documentation at the time of filing the claim. Additionally, also note that your travel insurance company decides the percentage of compensation you may be provided for each loss incurred.

Which Travel Insurance Provides Hijack Distress Allowance?

We hope you understood how does Hijack distress allowance benefit in travel insurance works.

Please note that the Hijack Distress Allowance is a benefit that may/ may not be provided in every international travel insurance plan. Thus, if you are looking forward to cover a hijack situation in your upcoming trip, you can opt for a travel insurance from Care Health Insurance.

At Care Health Insurance, hijack distress is compensated by a fixed allowance for every 24 hours maximum upto a limit specified by our travel insurance plans.

Make sure to buy our international travel insurance well in advance and read the policy documents carefully and undersand the terms & conditions of coverage to avoid any last-minute hassles.

Disclaimer: All plan features, benefits, cover, age, and claims underwriting are subject to policy terms and conditions. Kindly refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

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