Applying for a Student Visa? Avoid Making These Six Mistakes!


Applying for a Student Visa? Avoid Making These Six Mistakes!

Thousands of young Indians leave the nest each year to continue to pursue their further education. You may want to travel to America, Germany, or the United Kingdom to pursue your passion and get the learning you need. According to data from the Bureau of Immigration (BOI), the number of Indian students relocated from India for higher education this year is 1,33,135, compared to 4,44,553 in 2021 and 2,59,655 in 2020. Various countries have granted an Indian student visa to study in their universities. However, studying abroad can be costly if not planned properly. 

Having said that, if studying abroad is on the cards, then keep these six considerations in mind to refrain from making the most obvious mistakes that could land you on the reject list.

Inadequate Research

Not having the right information or conducting insufficient research on the chosen subject or university can lead to further misunderstanding or confusion, resulting in the student's application being rejected. Before applying to study in a foreign institution, students should prepare a list of questions to help them clarify any questions or doubts with the relevant parties.

Using False Credentials on Your Application

It is natural to believe that an application buffed up with forged credentials will be given priority over one that speaks the truth. However, you will be disappointed later because it will tarnish your credibility and eliminate your possibility of being selected. It is not only illegal to increase your qualifications, but you may also be barred from attending your dream university.

Unsure of Courses and University

First, students must decide what they want to pursue depending on their aptitude and adhere to that decision. Many students are puzzled when selecting a subject to study and a university to attend. Professional college counselors don't rank colleges; we consider them in tiers. If you, like everyone else, want to go to the "best" college, official rankings may be useful to give a general idea of tiers, but they are not helpful otherwise. You're much better off making your tiers based on your requirements. Try dividing colleges into three groups: reach, match, and safety, and then decide the ones based on parameters like the educational fit, campus cultural fit, and so on.

Poor Financial Budgeting 

A foreign degree entails more than just enrolling at a foreign university; it also includes taking care of everything in advance, from getting a passport and visa to arranging money and securing scholarships if feasible. Apart from the tuition fee, there are various other costs related to studying abroad, such as room rent, meals, etc. As a result, prospective students should start budgeting early, taking into consideration the significant pre-budget fees involved, and they should also apply for scholarships.

Lack of Knowledge of Acquiring a Visa 

Many countries have had to adapt their immigration and visa procedures due to continual socio-economic developments and policy reforms worldwide, resulting in wide-ranging repercussions on those who seek to study abroad. While some countries, such as Canada, have student-friendly visa procedures, recent immigration reforms in the United States and the United Kingdom have made it much more difficult for students to pursue study in those countries. Hence, it's important to stay current on the latest developments in terms of student visa before deciding where to pursue further education.

Ignoring Travel Insurance

Student travel insurance can reduce the possibility of financial losses that you may be forced to incur while studying abroad. Studying abroad can be a great learning experience, both academically and socially. It is advisable to have a safety net when settling in a new country and to adapt to the rhythms of a new place. Student travel insurance is a financial safety net that protects you in multiple ways, from emergency medical assistance to passport loss or theft.


Some education consulting firms now offer one-of-a-kind services to students who want to study abroad. As the number of Indian students pursuing higher education in foreign continues to rise, it is encouraging to see how much growth enablers assist students in achieving by streamlining the entire application process. Overcoming such blunders can make your trip abroad more rewarding. 

You can also reduce your mental stress and protect yourself from economic losses by choosing Student Travel Insurance, an international health and travel insurance plan for students offered by Care Health Insurance. This personalized travel insurance is specifically designed for aspiring students who want to study abroad for an extended period. It covers medical and non-medical risks, such as emergency hospitalization, personal injury, study interruption, baggage loss, passport loss, medical evacuation, and more.


Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and claims underwriting are subject to policy terms and conditions. Kindly refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.


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