A Comprehensive Guide for First-Time Visitors at Ocean Park Hong Kong


A Comprehensive Guide for First-Time Visitors at Ocean Park Hong Kong

The world is full of exciting places that attract thousands of visitors daily. One such action-packed destination is Hong Kong, the abode of innumerable landscapes and fascinating places to hang out. Today, you will become familiar with an ultimate fun zone in the Southern District of Hong Kong, known as Ocean Park.

In our series of travelogues covering various global destinations, this article will expose you to the wonders of one of the most exciting adventure parks of the world, the Ocean Park of Hong Kong. 

Ocean Park: The Ultimate Thrill Zone of Hong Kong

Ocean Park is one of the country's most popular tourist attractions. It is the ultimate fun zone for the whole family. So, if you are on a trip to Hong Kong on a family vacation, you must visit this theme park and spend an entire day here.

Today, Ocean Park competes with Disneyland of Hong Kong. However, unlike Disneyland, located in other parts of the globe, such as Paris, Switzerland, Singapore, and the USA, Ocean Park is the only adventure park in the world. Moreover, it’s much more economically accessible, making it less crowded.

How Much is the Ocean Park Ticket Price?

You can enter Ocean Park with a General Admission Ticket. The Ocean Park entry ticket price is quite reasonable for a one-day adventure since you can easily enjoy all the attractions and rides within a day. 

Here are the Ocean Park entry fees:

  • For Adults (aged 12 or above): HK$ 498 (INR 5,284)
  • For Children (aged 3-11): HK$ 249 (INR 2,642)
  • You can also issue a JoyYou Card for your elderly parents. The Ocean Park entry fee for JoyYou Cardholders is HK$ 100 (INR 1,061)
  • The Ocean Park entry fee includes food, rides, and other services.

Note: Extra charges may apply if you want to play skill and coin-operated games.

Ocean Park Hong Kong Schedule

The Ocean Park is open all year round and all seven days of the week. The theme park opens from 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM.

The Car Park Shroff opens from 8:30 AM until 1 hour after the car park closes. At the parking area, the visitors must use an ‘Octopus Card’ to make the payments and depart at all times.

Given below is the list of entertainment zones you would like to explore during your trip around the amusement park:

  • Aqua City
  • Amazing Asian Animals
  • Whiskers Harbour
  • The Summit
  • Thrill Mountain
  • Polar Adventure
  • Rainforest
  • Marine World
  • Adventure Land

Water World: The Fun-filled Ocean Water Park

The Fun-filled Ocean Water Park

If you are an aquaphilic water sports enthusiast, here is another fun zone in Ocean Park. Inside this thrilling adventure park, there is a paradise of swimming and other water sports known as the Water World. 

Surrounded by fresh sparkling waters and an ecstatic ambience, it has all those exciting water sports you will surely remember for life. Here are some of the enrapturing water sports activities of the Water World:

  • Surf Striker: First-ever surfing simulator in the world. Here, the visitors can experience the joy of real-life surfing in a controlled environment where a lifeguard assists in balancing the surfboard in the turbulent waves. It is ideal for beginners who wish to learn surfing. 
  • Rainbow-Rush:


    This is an 8-lane splash slide with tunnels where kids, teens and adults can experience high speeds in a racing atmosphere.
  • Cyclone-Spin:


    Also known as “Tropical Twist”, this adventurous water ride is equipped with 2 whorled tube slides, in which the swimmers twist and turn with the gushing water. They feel like riding a hurricane as they pass through these serpentine sections.
  • Riptide: This artificial spring consists of an ‘action river’ leading you to an ocean-like water body. Here, you can swim, raft, or ride on a speedboat and experience real-life sea moments.                            

And numerous other adventures are awaiting you here!

Here is the Ocean Water Park schedule-

  • Water World opens 4 days a week (it’s off on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays). 
  • New openings began in February 2024 and will continue until further notice. Go, grab the opportunity!

Golden chance For Adventure Lovers!

For more convenience and flexibility, Ocean Park visitors having admission tickets, Go Splash or Go Splash Lite Annual Membership, can enter without online reservations before visiting Water World. So, now you can enjoy the experiences on a whim.

With that, you now get a glimpse of how thrilling life is inside Ocean Park. So, don’t forget to experience life's ultimate thrill the next time you are in Hong Kong. But wait! There is one essential thing you must not miss out before embarking on your adventure journey-

Safeguard your Journey with a Travel Insurance

You are about to go abroad on an action-packed adventure. Getting international travel insurance to secure yourself and your family against health risks, medical emergencies, and financial risks is essential.

Only a reliable travel insurer such as Care Health Insurance can ensure you avoid any financial loss in a foreign land. The plan would cover you in times of medical or non-medical emergencies that may be incurred during the trip. 

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and claims underwriting are subject to policy terms and conditions. Kindly refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.


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