8 Do's and Don’ts while Buying Travel Insurance Online


8 Do's and Don’ts while Buying Travel Insurance Online

Travelling overseas is still a dream come true for most of us. Especially when we pack our bags for the very first time. While on the web, you may find multiple pages suggesting the benefits of buying travel insurance, you may hardly find a page that suggests how to choose the best travel insurance. Thus today, we have compiled a list of do's and don'ts to ensure you buy the best travel insurance for your next foreign trip.

First, let us explain what is best travel insurance.

What is the Definition of “Best Travel Insurance”?

Travel insurance covers your destination-specific needs without digging a hole in your pocket. A plan that covers your trip amidst medical emergencies and non-medical trip hiccups and has an easy purchase and claim settlement procedure can be defined as the best travel insurance.

While you buy travel insurance online, it is crucial to check out the benefits of buying a travel insurance policy. Don’t haste! Avoid making common mistakes by taking some extra time to double-check your plan. Also, don’t forget that you have a 14-day lookup period if you purchase your travel insurance well in advance.

Now that you understand travel insurance, let us elaborate on the dos and don’ts of purchasing online travel insurance.

Do’s and Don’ts of Purchasing Travel Insurance

You should secure your trip with a destination-specific travel insurance to ensure you make only great memories on an overseas trip without the stress of mishaps. While you are convinced by the benefits of buying of travel insurance, you should keep in mind a few do’s and don’ts which are tabulated below.

Do’s Don’ts
Understand your travel related needs. Don’t make an uninformed purchase of travel insurance.
Compare your travel insurance policy. Don’t hide your medical history.
Check out the key features. Don’t provide false details.
Buy travel insurance well in advance. Don’t cover just half of your trip.

Let us elaborate the do’s and don’ts to remember while you buy travel insurance.

Do Understand Your Travel Insurance Needs

On your venture to buy travel insurance online, it is crucial to consider your travel-related needs. You should consider mishaps that are most probable to occur and then choose a coverage accordingly. Additionally, you should also determine whether you need coverage for pre-existing diseases.

Compare Your Travel Insurance Policy

Comparing multiple travel insurance policies will ensure that you choose a plan that is most comprehensive, meets your budget-specific needs, and comes at an affordable premium. Thus, you should only purchase travel insurance after carefully comparing multiple policies provided by the travel insurance companies in India.

Check Out the Policy Features

In the quest of finding out the best travel insurance, you should not forget to look out for the key features of the plan. You should check out whether the travel insurance provides hassle-free settlement, cashless medical assistance, and new age benefits such as emergency evacuation. You should only purchase the policy if it meets your unique requirements for the trip.

Buy Travel Insurance Well in Advance

There are multiple benefits of buying travel insurance in advance. When not in a hurry, you can make more informed decisions on what plan to opt for. Additionally, you also get the more time to check out any loopholes in the policy during the free lookup period. Remember, you can easily modify or return your travel insurance during the free lookup period.This free lookup period may vary for different policy between 10-30 days.

Don’t Make an Uninformed Purchase of Travel Insurance

Do not jump on conclusions to buy travel insurance quickly. Hiccups that you may face during a trip may vary for different geographical locations. Thus, it is crucial that you buy travel insurance only after knowing the base coverage, key features and exclusions carefully. Simply put, don’t make a purchase that does not satisfy your understanding.

Don’t Hide Your Medical History

You may think that hiding a medical condition will help you save on your travel insurance premium. However, remember that if you do not declare a medical condition, you might not be covered for medical expenses if you fall ill if the illness is linked to a pre-existing medical condition. By declaring all pre-existing medical conditions, no matter how serious, you can be sure to be covered if you are unfortunate enough to fall ill when on holiday. So, it’s better to inform about your medical conditions and get your insured on foreign land.

Don’t Provide False Details

Any false information during your policy purchase may lead to claim rejection sooner or later. Thus, it’s advisable never to give false information about yourself or your family while purchasing travel insurance.

Don’t Cover Just Half of Your Trip

Travel insurance provided by various airlines are the trip related plans which generally covers trip related contingencies such as trip cancellation, trip delay, loss of baggage after check-in at the airport etc. However, there can be multiple unforeseen mishaps waiting for you as you reach the destination which may not be covered in your travel insurance bought from airline. Similarly, it is not advisable to travel with just a travel health insurance during your overseas trip.

Simply put, you should ensure comprehensive coverage while buying travel insurance online. So that, any mishap that you encounter remains covered in times of need.

Travel Safe With the Best Travel Insurance

We hope these Dos and Don’ts help you to choose the best travel insurance online. Still wondering which plan to opt for?

At Care Health Insurance we offer online travel insurance policies as a one-stop solution for all your medical and non-medical emergencies you may face while staying in a foreign land.

Thus, clear your doubts and check quote for the destination-specific plans right away!

Disclaimer: All plan features, benefits, coverage, and claims underwriting are subject to policy terms and conditions. Kindly refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

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