Your Essential Guide for a Secure International Journey


Your Essential Guide for a Secure International Journey

Are you up for your first ever international adventure?

However palpable the event maybe, travelling overseas should come with prior planning to avoid any last-minute trip nightmares!

The question, “What is needed for international travel?” may fog your mind if you are travelling for the first time whether you are travelling with a group, flying for business, embarking on a study venture or are taking up a solo adventure,

In this blog, we will bifurcate your first international trip in three phases. We shall then guide you with tips that ensures a successful international trip. 

  • Planning your first international trip
  • Packing for your first international flight
  • Embarking on an actual trip

Read on to note down the important tips.

Planning Your First International Trip

While planning your first overseas trip, it is important that you plan ahead of time. If possible, create a to-do list and check-in all the necessities to ensure that you do not miss anything.  Additionally, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Choose the best place to go for a first international trip

The world is waiting for your exploration. However, if you have just embarked on the travelling venture, we recommend you to start from a safe place. 

If you do not have a specific destination in mind, choose a place with similar culture as your country. Read out the tips to stay safe in the country, and abide by them at all times.

2. Understand the Destination

If you are travelling for the first-time, do the homework well. Understand important facts about the destination. For instance, check out the weather conditions and the climate changing trends, know whether the destination is safe for travelling, are there hospitals in the vicinity of your stay, etc.

3. Apply for the Visa Beforehand

Visa application can be a hectic procedure if you are applying for the first time. From collecting the documents to attending the visa interview, every step gets thoroughly checked at the visa office. Thus, you should always check the visa requirements and laws of the country that you are to visit.

Apply for a visa well in advance if the country has a mandatory visa requirement for Indian citizens.

4. Purchase Travel Insurance

Travelling to a whole new country across oceans can turn into a nightmare if an unforeseen expense strikes.Thus, you should prepare for any trip contingencies that you may not see coming, with international travel insurance. Purchase a travel insurance plan that covers your health, travel journey, and any events that you might want to attend.

Packing Tips for Your First International Flight

Once you have planned where to go, the next dilemma that occurs is, what to pack. Hereby mentioned are a few tips for your first international flight to pack wisely.

1. Pack Light

Whether travelling solo or on a trip with your friends, one mantra to a stress-free trip is to carry light luggage. Avoid packing unnecessary luggage such as your laptop or books that you may not need on your trip. Do the homework, understand the weather conditions and pack according to your requirements.

2. Keep Medicines Handy

A medical emergency can knock your doors at anytime during your trip. Thus, it is important that you be prepared with your medicines in place. Consider keeping your prescriptions in your hand baggage so that, you can access the medicine anytime.

3. Pack Layered Clothes

If you are not sure about the weather of the destination that you are visiting,Consider packing layered items. For instance, rather than packing two different wardrobes for both the weathers, you can opt for layered items that are easy to pack and convenient to carry in style.

4. Keep Your Documents in Different Places

First time travellers usually end-up in a dilemma for keeping all the necessary documents in a single place. Avoid it! Rather, keep the original and xerox copy of your documents in different places so that,  you can still access either one of them if you lose the other one during the trip.

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Tips While Travelling for the Actual Trip

Mentioned-below are a few tips that can keep you safe in this third phase of your first international trip.

1. Make Friends

Having a friend in a foreign country makes travelling a lot easier. Someone who lives in the country can help you with crucial informations such as cheap markets, great food, and safe places to stay. Thus, once you reach the destination, communicate with people and try being friends with them.

2. Consider Camping as An Option

Depending on the type of destination you are travelling to, you can consider camping, or staying at zostels as an option. Staying with a group of people at tents and zostels helps you remain involved in various cultural activities and also helps you save fortunes.

3. Stay Connected with Your Travel Insurer

Ensure that your insurer knows about the details, if any mishappening strikes amidst your trip. Whether it is loss off your luggage, or an emergency hospitalisation, convey all the information to your insurer on a regular basis.

Opt for the Best Travel Insurance From Care Health Insurance

Keeping a note of the above-mentioned tips shall ensure that you have a wonderful overseas trip. 

Remember, even a well-planned trip may be affected if an unforeseen emergency strike during the trip. 

Thus, to ensure that any mishap can not attack the zeal of your first ever trip, safeguard your trip with Care Health Insurance’s International travel insurance.

International travel insurance from Care Health Insurance is a comprehensive cover that protects your trip from any untoward event that may otherwise cause a hole in your pocket. Whether the situation is a medical emergency, or loss of your checked-in belongings at the airport, Travel insurance covers it all!

Now that you are embarking on a venture to explore the globe, ensure you do that, the safer way!

Disclaimer: Verifying the policy details and coverage with the official policy documents is essential. Plan features, benefits, coverage, and claims underwriting are subject to policy terms and conditions.


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