What is EHR in Healthcare?


What is EHR in Healthcare?

There are constant developments in the medical field to improve the quality of life for people. Right from the cure for various diseases to introducing enhanced insurance facilities, all these aspects are growing only for the better. In order to help people with the best medical treatments, the health records of patients are recorded and kept safe. This is known as EHR (Electronic Health Records). You may have come across a doctor where he/she updates your details on a computer screen. That is likely because your health record is being updated.

There are a number of benefits and a strong purpose for using electronic health records. In this article, we will talk about the purpose of health records and how they can benefit people and, lastly, the difference between EHR and EMR. Continue reading to know more.

What is EHR in Healthcare?

EHR medical abbreviation stands for Electronic Health Records. An electronic health record, as the name suggests, is a digitised record of the health chart of a person. It includes various details that are updated during medical encounters. It is a safe system of healthcare records that can be shared between various authorised organisations to help provide the best healthcare facilities to the person.

An EHR does not primarily contain the medical or treatment history of a person. It usually includes the following details:

  • Person's demographics
  • Any allergy to the person
  • Vital signs
  • Records of immunisation
  • Radiology images
  • Laboratory test results, etc.

What is the Purpose of EHR?

You may wonder what is the role of EHR in healthcare. Well, there are many to mention. Check the pointers below to have a broad understanding of the purpose and benefits of EHR healthcare.

Reduces Medical Errors

An EHR helps understand the health history of a person. Hence, there are fewer chances of committing medical errors by the healthcare providers. This makes a huge difference by eliminating wrong treatment due to a lack of information.

Ensures Quality Healthcare

With all the health records available, it becomes easier for the doctor to diagnose the illness better. Hence, giving better care and further medical treatment is possible.

A Clear Record

A paper and pen record may not be durable enough. However, a digital record system like EHR is not only handy and easy to use but also quite durable and safe. It uses cloud space for storage. Due to enhanced systems, the records are clear and easy to understand.

Enhanced Billing

The billing system may also be impacted due to electronic health records. Comparing the bills of one patient with similar treatment and healthcare facilities offered can help generate quick and accurate bills for another patient.

Instant Availability of Patient’s Details

Since electronic health records are saved on the cloud, accessing the same can be a matter of only a few clicks. Authorised organisations that have access to the EHR of a person can access the details instantly. It saves a lot of time that a doctor may spend on understanding the health history of a patient.

Enhancement of the Overall Treatment

The electronic health records are very useful for doctors and healthcare providers. By analysing the records of a number of patients, doctors can better conclude a health condition and its treatment.

Difference between EHR and EMR

You may have come across the terms EMR and EHR interchangeably. Although they may sound similar, their meanings are different. EMR medical abbreviation stands for Electronic Medical Records and EHR stands for Electronic Health Records. Check out the table below to better understand the EMR system and the differences between EHR and EMR:

Electronic Health Records Electronic Medical Records
An electronic health record is usually maintained by a number of authorised organisations An electronic medical record is usually maintained by a single healthcare provider
An EHR is used to understand the health records of a patient and other related details An EMR helps the doctor know about the medical and treatment history of a patient
An electronic health record contains a wide range of information since it is maintained by various organisations An EMR has less information as compared to an EHR
An EHR is shared between the authorised organisations An EMR may not be shared with any other organisation other than the one that created
An EHR can be helpful even when visiting multiple healthcare providers And EMR is helpful when visiting the same healthcare provider again

From the above table, it can be concluded that both EHR and EMR are important systems that record and manage patient details. It becomes highly useful when there is a need for medical assistance to the patient. It saves a lot of time spent in knowing the past records of the patient. On the one hand, an EHR contains a range of details of a patient, and an EMR contains the medical and treatment history details. Both are essential documents. Since these are recorded digitally, updating and storing data becomes quite easy.

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To Conclude

Electronic health records are an advanced way of collecting and managing patient details. Since there are evident benefits of the system, a wide range of authorities are now looking forward to implementing EHR systems. With the quick availability of patient details, it becomes easier for healthcare providers to offer the best care and avoid errors in the treatment. Not just this, by viewing the health records and treatment of two similar patients, the doctors can actually offer the best treatments and also enhance their understanding.

Along with a good health, having a health insurance plan in place is equally essential these days considering the ever rising medical expenses.  At Care Health Insurance, we try to offer the best medical insurance plans to cater to the needs of different people. It plays as a safety shield in times of medical emergency by covering the hefty medical bills and keeping you from paying out-of-the pocket.

Disclaimers: The above information is for reference purposes only: Policy Assurance and Claims at the underwriter's discretion.


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