Critical Illness Plan Vs Disease Specific Plan


Critical Illness Plan Vs Disease Specific Plan

Critical Illness Plan or Disease-Specific Plan: What to Choose?

Sometimes wrong decisions about health insurance can cost lac of rupees as it happened in Rohan’s case. He was an ambitious Project Engineer and all set to fly to the US for a career move when he was diagnosed with stomach cancer. He got to know about the expenses on treatment, surgeries, and medication and was counted on his medical insurance policy. But he was clueless when he came to know that his health insurance policy only covered his hospitalization expenses. Thus, it’s not necessary that your insurance policy covers all your treatment costs. Rohan realized the importance of the right insurance plan when he paid more than half of the amount for his further treatment. Thus, it’s always advisable to compare health insurance plans to avoid diving in such financial distress. In this article, you can read about the key features of the Critical Illness Plan and Disease-Specific Plan, the two most common plans to make the right choice.

Critical Illness Plan

Critical illness means life-threating disease. It has a debilitating effect on a patient’s lifestyle and required immediate treatment. A critical illness plan is designed to provide coverage against life-threating diseases. These plans have a bit higher premium amount with maximum coverage. Under this Critical Illness plan, the policyholder receives the coverage after the illness is diagnosed. It covers  treatment, medication, recuperation expenses, etc. The most important thing is that the insured person can make a claim only after the completion of the survival period that starts from the day when the illness is diagnosed.

Disease-Specific Plan

Now, let’s talk about Disease-Specific Plan. It provides coverage for the treatment costs related to specific diseases. From diagnosis to advanced treatment for all stages are included in the Disease-Specific Plan. These plans are affordable and designed specifically for individuals looking for low-cost insurance or those who may not get a standard health insurance policy due to non-admissible conditions of pre-exiting diseases.

Let’s check the key features of these two plans to know what best suits your medical needs.

Key Features

Critical Illness Plan

Disease-Specific Plan


It is designed for 10-30 life-threatening diseases.

It is the supplemental insurance that works in case of only one specific disease.

Waiting Period

It has a survival period generally of 30 days.

It has a waiting period of 30 days.


It provides coverage for in-patient hospitalization, diagnosis, and medication. It also bears the expenses related to air ambulance cost, chemotherapy & radiotherapy cover, dialysis cover, organ donor cover, second opinion, and annual health check-ups.

It provides coverage for pre and post hospitalization, domiciliary hospitalization, daily allowance, domestic ambulance cover, and annual health check-ups.


It has a higher premium amount.

Its premium amount is comparatively less.

Diseases covered


End-Stage Renal Failure

Multiple Sclerosis

Benign Brain Tumour

Motor Neuron Disorder

End-Stage Lung Disease

Major Organ Transplant

Coronary Artery Bypass Graft



Myocardial Infarction



End-Stage Liver




Kidney ailments

Cardiac ailments




Who can buy

Individuals looking for protection against above listed critical illnesses or people with pre-existing diseases.

Individuals who have the risk of inheriting specific diseases or family history of any above disease.


Therefore, you cannot foretell what can happen at the very next moment in your life. But all you can do is to be farsighted and compare health insurance plans to opt for the right one. Check the comprehensive critical illness plans offered by Care Health Insurance to mitigate your risk. These plans provide you financial assistance so that you can recover well from critical illness without worrying about your treatment expenses.

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Disclaimer: Underwriting of claims for (name of the disease) subject to policy terms and conditions.

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