What is a Global Second Opinion Benefit under Care Super Mediclaim?

What is a Global Second Opinion Benefit under Care Super Mediclaim?

Diagnostic inaccuracies can be disastrous, and leave an unbelievable impact physically, financially and emotionally. Because treatments and medications are totally scientific, it is often beneficial to seek second opinions. Second opinions are not just limited to serious medical conditions. You might want to get a second opinion consultation or even a global second opinion for minor treatments when the alternative could be less expensive, offer better medical care, or a higher quality of life. 

However, note that only a few insurance providers in India offer coverage for this convenience. Many times, your insurance provider might allow you to seek a second opinion only if you have a critical illness. While some offer the benefit under your base health insurance plan, other providers consider it as an add-on cover. 

Care Health Insurance offers international second opinion services, under which you will be arranged appointments with global medical experts. However, this is an add-on and comes with an extension to your Care Super Mediclaim policy. Simply put, to enjoy the benefits of international second opinion, you will have to pay a slightly higher premium. 

What Makes a Second Opinion Important? 

Considering a second opinion consultation is highly important. Sometimes, it can be the best course of action. The interesting thing about a second opinion is that it allows you to go with the third opinion as well whenever you feel your second opinion unsatisfactory. 

The key isn't about how important it is to get an international second opinion service, it is about trying to find the perfect diagnosis and treatment until it makes sense. Still unclear if you need a second opinion consultation? Keep reading . 

When Do I Need a Second Opinion?

It is imperative to do extensive research when it comes to health. You want a specialist or a team of specialists who specialise in your condition to avoid casualties and provide the perfect treatment. Hence, getting input from another specialist through a second opinion is highly advised if you find yourself in any of the instances listed below. 

  • If you feel your current treatment is not working/effective and making any significant progress. 
  • If you've undergone the treatment but the symptoms still exist. 
  • If the recommended treatment has some potential side effects. 
  • If you get diagnosed with a very rare disorder or disease. 
  • If the recommended treatment involves an invasive procedure, surgery, has lifetime consequences and is risky. 
  • If you are diagnosed with something serious as cancer. 
  • If your doctor is unable to catch the problem and find what's wrong. 
  • If you and your healthcare provider aren't in agreement. 
  • If you are uncomfortable with the diagnosis/recommended treatment. 
  • If you feel something is missing in the diagnosis. 
  • If you are presented with a variety of treatment options to select. 
  • If your doctor says you don't have any other treatment option available. 

In some cases, primary healthcare providers and experts themselves advise patients to go for a second opinion consultation upfront, to ensure their diagnosis as  correct. Insurance providers may also encourage a second opinion before they cover the treatment expenses. 

Care Super Mediclaim: The Best Way to Get a Global Second Opinion

In the quest to find the best-suited health insurance that covers international second-opinion benefits, here is your Care Super Mediclaim. A comprehensive and affordable health plan that covers second opinions internationally.

Care Super Mediclaim is an indemnity plan that comes with four major benefits: 

Among the major benefits of Super Mediclaim, international second opinion allows the insured to get a quick global consultation in case the on-going domestic treatment is not satisfactory. 

The consultation fees for this global second opinion are covered by Care Health Insurance.

Additional Benefits of Care Super Mediclaim

Apart from the international second opinion service, Care Super Mediclaim also offers a range of other benefits, like:

Daycare Treatments

All those treatments and surgeries that do not require 24+ hours of hospitalisation fall under daycare treatments. Such treatment expenses are also covered under the Care Super Mediclaim policy.

Cashless Hospitalisation

Cashless hospitalisation gives you the benefit of receiving medical treatment without disturbing your savings. With cashless hospitalisation at any of the 22900+ network healthcare providers, you can receive quality medical treatment without any hassle.

Annual Health Check-ups

Annual health check-ups, especially for people suffering from any critical illness, can be heavy on pockets. So, Care Super Mediclaim also covers the expenses of annual health check-ups.

AYUSH Treatments

AYUSH refers to Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy treatments. You may seek alternative treatments as well and the expenses will be managed by Care Health Insurance.

Global Coverage

Not just consultation coverage but Care Super Mediclaim also got you financially covered in case you avail an international medical treatment. You’re free to  get treatment for your illness outside the country as well and raise a claim accordingly to get the medical coverage of Care Super Mediclaim.

Optional Benefits

Apart from the base coverage of the health insurance policy, you may also invest in optional benefits, like room rent modification, under which you can opt for a hospital room as per your preferences. Another popular optional cover is the air ambulance. It helps cover the hefty air ambulance expenses that may arise during medical treatment procedures.

Concluding Lines 

Second opinion in medical treatment, especially for a critical illness, is of great importance. In most of the critical illness cases, people try to opt for a second opinion. Even though, in most cases, a second opinion does not change the facts, it gives you better mental clarity on the matter. A second opinion gives you certainty, and accordingly, you may move forward with the treatment procedure. Some people may also want to seek a global second opinion. With Care Super Mediclaim, you need not think twice before availing of global services for consultation and treatment. Connect with us and we will take care of your healthcare expenses. 

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Disclaimers: All plan features, benefits, coverage, and claims underwriting are subject to policy terms and conditions. Kindly refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

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