Term Insurance vs Health Insurance: What is Better?


Term Insurance vs Health Insurance: What is Better?

People often get confused about health and term insurance as these two are mistaken for the coverage they provide. They both play different but integral roles in your life; understanding the same will help you understand their importance.  The term insurance is the insurance that helps your family in case of your unfortunate death. In contrast, health insurance promises financial compensation for your medical treatment cost in case of planned or unplanned hospitalisation. There are variations in the premium, purpose, scope and applicability under both kinds.

This article will shed some light on the meaning, differences and benefits of term and health insurance for your overview.

What is Term Insurance Plan?

Term insurance is a bond between the policyholder (insured) and the insurance company wherein, in the event of the policyholder's untimely death, the insurance company pays a predetermined sum to the insured person's family. Term plans are important for long-term financial planning, as you shall discover.

It's important to realise that term insurance is the most basic type of insurance coverage available, providing your family with complete financial security against the uncertainties of life.

What is Health Insurance Plan?

The medical costs incurred by insured members due to accidents or diseases are covered by health insurance. It promises to pay for the insured's hospitalisation and other medical expenses. The alarming rise in lifestyle illnesses among individuals of all ages in recent years has increased the necessity for health insurance.

The sum insured, or the maximum amount the insurer would pay to the policyholder in the event of a medical emergency, is one of several options provided by the insurance company under the policy. The insured members have to pay a premium to use health insurance in need.

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Difference Between Term Insurance vs Health Insurance

Both term insurance and health insurance are necessary for a financially stable existence for you and your family. The main variations between the two are as follows:

Factors Term Insurance Health Insurance
Objective It provides financial support to your family after an untimely demise. It has no benefit during your lifespan. It provides financial support in case of a medical emergency.
Premium The premium you have to pay for term insurance is easily affordable. The premium you have to pay for health insurance varies according to the age and health of the insured. Therefore, buying health insurance in good health and at an early age is advisable.
Renewal It does not have renewal benefits. You must pay the same amount every year to keep the policy running. If you do not claim under your health insurance policy, you get No-Claim Bonus in your next renewal.
Tax Benefit Section 80C of the Income Tax Act allows for deducting term insurance premiums from income up to a maximum of Rs. 1,50,000. You can get the deduction for medical insurance premium 80D Income Tax Act 1961.

Benefits of Health Insurance Plans

Health insurance protects you financially during a hospitalisation. The following are health insurance benefits:

Pre-and-post Hospitalisation- This benefit includes coverage for critical illness expenses such as X-rays, blood and other medical reports, and medications before 30 days of hospitalisation and 60 days following release.

Domiciliary Hospitalisation- This is one of the most important benefits of having health insurance. When a patient is unwell, and hospitalisation is not an option, things get tough for the patient and family members. This might be because the patient cannot be relocated to a hospital or the nearest hospital has no available beds. In such cases, having a health insurance plan that covers in-home hospitalisation might be a lifesaver. So, before purchasing, evaluate the various plans and pick the one that offers this benefit.

Cashless Hospitalisation- Wouldn't it be simpler if you didn't worry about paying the hospital and prescription bills?! This is possible if you prudently pick a health insurance plan with a cashless hospitalisation facility. This service has grown in importance and use over time since it covers high healthcare expenses and saves you the hassle of paying your bills and filing for reimbursement.

Care Health Insurance provides its customers with comprehensive health insurance plans such as health insurance plans with maternity coverage, comprehensive health insurance plans for individuals and families, group health insurance plans, and more. Care Health Insurance’s health insurance policies are the ideal approach to safeguard your healthcare requirements, with a solid network of 24,800+ cashless healthcare providers across India and a claim settlement percentage of 95.2%.

Benefits of Term Insurance Plans

Term insurance offers a financial benefit to the family of the insured after an untimely demise. The following are a few benefits-

Financial support to the family: When the sole breadwinner of the family member passes away, the family enters into financial distress. The payout from the term insurance helps reduce the family's troubles.

High Sum Insured at Low Premium: One of the key advantages of term insurance is its low cost. A term insurance policy has a lower premium than other insurance plans. Another advantage of term insurance is that the premium cost is less the earlier you get it.

Payment of Sum Insured: In the event of the insured's untimely death, the family members will get the sum insured as a payout. At the outset, the policyholder can receive a lump payment, a monthly or yearly income. This will help the nominee meet the financial needs and bills, among other expenses.

Disclaimer: The above-mentioned information is for reference purposes only.

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