Know about Care Supreme 180-days Post-hospitalisation Cover


Know about Care Supreme 180-days Post-hospitalisation Cover

Health insurance has become an indispensable necessity in today’s times. People are becoming increasingly aware of the plethora of benefits offered by health insurance policies. While most people understand that a health insurance policy covers unexpected in-patient medical emergencies, there are certain expenses that can go beyond hospitalisation. These expenses are categorised as Post-hospitalisation expenses.

While almost every health insurance policy offers coverage for post-hospitalisation expenses, some excel in terms of days the benefit is extended. One such policy is Care Supreme, which is offered by Care Health Insurance. The reason that gives this policy an edge over many others is 180-days post hospitalisation coverage.

Let us delve deeper and understand more about post-hospitalisation coverage and its importance in today's healthcare scenario. But first, let us understand the meaning of post-hospitalisation in Insurance.

What is Post-Hospitalisation Coverage?

As the name suggests, post -hospitalisation cover refers to the medical expenses an individual incurs post -discharge. For example, medicines, follow-up treatments, diagnostic tests, etc. These expenses are covered when:

  • They are incurred during a specified number of days immediately after discharge
  • They are incurred for the same medical condition for which the hospitalisation was required.

Post Hospitalisation Cover in Care Supreme

It is not uncommon to see that hospitalisation costs extend far and beyond the hospital's confines. They encompass various expenses like diagnostic tests, medications, doctor’s consultations, and a number of additional services. Considering the expensive nature of these costs, comprehensive financial planning is crucial.

While most health insurance companies typically offer 60 to 90 days of post-hospitalisation coverage, with Care Supreme, we extend the coverage for 180 days. With this feature, you can ensure adequate financial protection beyond the hospital stay.

Let us take an example: Ravi Mishra, a 32-year-old hotelier, had to undergo knee surgery after his car accident. His Care Supreme Plan covered his 7-day stay in the hospital. As Ravi was admitted to a network hospital, the bills were paid by Care Health Insurance directly to the hospital. He was very happy that the long hospitalisation did not dent his savings. However, he was prescribed medication and physiotherapy for the next four weeks. His doctor also told him that he would have to come for follow-ups every 15 days for the next three months.

While Ravi was quite happy with his treatment, he knew that the impact of his injury would extend long after leaving the hospital. He was a little concerned that the long post-hospitalisation care would turn out to be a costly affair.

Thankfully, Ravi had the coverage of Care Supreme, which allowed him post -hospitalisation coverage of 180 days. Ravi continued to receive necessary care without having to bear any excessive financial burden. The policy provided comprehensive support, aiding in a smoother and more holistic recovery process for him.

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What Makes the Care Supreme  Post Hospitalisation Coverag e so Essential?

The discussed below are certain features that make Care Supreme post- hospitalisation coverage so unique and essential:

1. Increased Coverage

Most health insurance plans offer much smaller post-hospitalisation coverage, which is typically 60 to 90 days. With Supreme, however, you get coverage for almost 6 months. This increases the coverage manifold. Your out-of-pocket expenses decrease significantly. Such a long coverage period can help you deal with numerous conditions that may have a longer recovery.

Moreover, Care Supreme also offers an extended pre-hospitalisation cover of 60 days. Pre-hospitalisation is also a crucial aspect of medical treatment. There are a number of formalities and procedures that need to be carried out before the actual hospitalisation. Pre-hospitalisation generally includes diagnostic tests, CT Scans, X-rays, medicines etc.

2. Protects Your Savings

In some cases, the post-hospital bills can be as much as or even higher than the hospitalisation itself.  Care Supreme allows better coverage, helping you avoid digging into your savings.

3. Peace of Mind

When you know you will get post-hospitalisation coverage, you can concentrate on the treatment rather than worrying about the bills.

Let’s Conclude

A trip to the hospital can be an expensive one. Apart from the in-hospital costs, you also need to bear numerous expenses before and after the hospitalisation. From treatment to full recovery, Care Supreme can be the ideal partner to help you manage expenses. The 180-days post-hospitalisation coverage feature makes it an ideal health insurance plan. With Supreme, focus more on your recovery and allow us to take care of your wallet.

Disclaimers: All plan features, benefits, coverage, and claims underwriting are subject to policy terms and conditions. Kindly refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

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