Why Should We Buy Health Insurance?


Why Should We Buy Health Insurance?

Things to Consider Before Buying Health Insurance Policy?

It is often said that the best gift you can give to yourself is the gift of good health. Come to think of it, it does feel apt. With good health by your side, you are physically and mentally well-equipped to conquer the biggest of challenges. But like everything else, health risks too are part and parcel of life. So, would you leave it to fate or be prepared when an unexpected medical emergency comes along?

One of the best ways to get all-round protection is by buying Health Insurance Policy that safeguards your entire family during an emergency. We all are well-aware of the fact that hospital bills can have a major impact on one’s finances. However, by paying a small annual premium for a health insurance policy, you can avoid them.

4 Reasons Why Health Insurance is important for you

1.Takes care of medical expenses

The biggest benefit of having health insurance, without a doubt, is that it covers all the damage that is sustained by the policyholder. Comprehensive health insurance takes care of all medical expenses. It covers pre and posts hospitalization expenses, in-patient hospitalization, and domiciliary hospitalization. It also bears the costs for medicines, treatment, and therapies. So, you can get the right treatment without getting worried about your finances.

2.Good treatment is available at an accessible distance

Most health insurance plans today offer the benefit of cashless hospitalization. In such cases, the insurance company settles the treatment expenses directly to the hospital. Now, at the time of issuing the policy, the insurance company also provides information about its network hospitals where cashless treatment can be availed. What you should proactively do is look at the hospitals that are at an accessible distance when treatment is required. For more details, it is advisable to read the complete health policy along with its terms and conditions.

3.Shields your savings

One of the most important features of health insurance is that it helps preserve your savings. Medical emergencies are unpredictable and the best way to shield yourself and your financial resources are buying health insurance. A key aspect in this case is the copay percentage. Generally, h

4.You can keep your family covered

If you seek health cover for your family members as well, a family floater health insurance plan is the ideal option. For a single premium, such as family health insurance plans, can cover multiple family members*. What’s more, they also afford the flexibility of the sum assured being utilized to cater to the diverse medical needs of different family members

Understanding the importance of having health insurance is, in fact, the first step towards buying a policy. At Care Health Insurance, we offer a range of health insurance plans that have been designed in order to provide overall support and coverage to you as well as your family

Disclaimer: Please read the brochure and prospectus to know more about our health insurance plans cover as conditions may vary.


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