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The Superhero of Health Insurance

  • Cancer Mediclaim - Covers Defined Cancer
  • Annual Health Check-up for All Insured Members
  • Hassle Free Claim Settlement
  • Cancer Coverage for ll Stages

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Any past or ongoing medical conditions of any insured member
Any Condition, ailment or injury for which the insured person had signs or symptoms and/or were diagnosed, and/or received medical advice/treatment within 48 months prior to the first policy issued by the insurer.


7.5% OFF

10% OFF


All Members

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Cancer Mediclaim ( --- )

rupee ----/mo

(Premium includes 18% GST)




Policy Sum Insured increases by 50%/25%/25% for 1st, 2nd & 3rd claim free year.


Hospitalisation involving less than 24 hours - we will pay through cashless or reimbursement facility for all such listed day care treatments, max. Upto Sum Insured.


Annual Health Check-Up for all insured members is covered in the policy.


Up to Rs.3000 per hospitalization payable if advised by treating medical practitioner.

The Insured Person may access health related information and services such as health risk assessment, Doctor on chat, Special rates for OPD, Diagnostics and Pharmacy through Network Providers , etc as available on the Company's website.


  • Search the best deal in your location

  • Discount on all Healthcare and wellness services like Doctor Consultations, Diagnostics, Pharmacy, Dental Consultation and treatment

  • Comprehensive details on Doctors like qualification & appointment details.

  • Access to Right Healthcare Service, at right time and place.

  • Symptom tracker

  • Ailment to specialty tracker

  • Automated discount coupon download

  • 24x7 on call support

Cancer Mediclaim highlights

Chemo And Radio Therapy


Orgon Donor

Organ Donor

Annual Health Check-up

Annual health

Cover All Major Types of Cancer

Cover All Major
Types of Cancer

Lifelong Renewability

Lifelong Renewability

Doctor On Call

Doctor On Call

Doctor On Call

Second Opinion

Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance

Benefits of Cancer Insurancearrowclose
KEY FEATURES 10,25,50,100 & 200L
In-Patient Hospitalization
If you are admitted to a hospital for in-patient care, for a minimum period of 24 consecutive hours, we cover for your treatment expenses - right from room charges, nursing expenses and intensive care unit charges to surgeon's fee, doctor's fee, anaesthesia, blood, oxygen, operation theatre charges, etc.
Upto SI
Day Care Treatment
We cover medical expenses if you undergo a day care treatment which might not require you to stay hospitalized for 24 hours or more.
Upto SI
Pre-Hospitalization Medical Expenses and
Post-Hospitalization Medical Expenses
We cover the relevant medical expenses such as doctor consultation, Diagnostic tests, medications incurred up to 30 days before your hospitalization/60 days post your hospitalization.
Pre-Hospitalization for 30days & Post-Hospitalization for 60days;
Maximum up to SI
Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy Cover
Covers expenses incurred for chemo and radio therapy.
Upto SI
Ambulance Cover
In an emergency, we reimburse expenses incurred by you for availing a domestic road ambulance during your hospitalization.
Upto ₹3000/ Hospitalization
Organ Donor Cover
We reimburse you the medical expenses that are incurred by an organ donor while undergoing the organ transplant surgery.
Up to SI or 15 L whichever is lower
Alternative Treatments
Covers Ayurveda, Unani, Sidha and Homeopathy treatment
Up to 25% Sum Insured
Second Opinion
If you feel uncertain about your diagnosis, you can opt for a second opinion, arranged by us.
Once per Covered Condition per policy year
Annual Health Check-up
Annual health check-up for insured member.
Annual from 2nd Policy Year on continuous Coverage
No Claims Bonus(NCB) 50%/25%/25%-Corresponding increase in SI for 1st, 2nd and 3rd continuous claim-free Policy Years respectively, Max up to 100% of SI(50%/25/25%-Corresponding decrease in SI per Policy Year in case a claim has been paid; Such decrease is only in SI accrued as NCB)
Health Services
Quick Recovery Counseling
Psychologist Counseling expenses covered
Up to ₹1000 Per Session, Maximum 8 Sessions Post Hospitalization in a Policy year( can be availed twice in a month)
Doctor on Call
Consult doctors on a call
Yes(Telephonic/Online Mode)
Health Portal Value added services through Company’s Website
Global Coverage: Coverage outside India - 45 continuous days in a single trip; Max. 90 days on a cumulative basis, in a Policy Year.
Avail Hospitalization expenses outside India with a mandatory co-payment of 10 % per claim.
Up to SI; only for SI >=1Cr (Limited to In-Patient Care and Day-Care treatment with a Co-payment of 10% per Claim)
OPD Expenses (Diagnostics + Consultations + Pharmacy ) Up to 1% of SI ,Max up to ₹25,000

Cancer Mediclaim complete plan details

Add-ons to cover your specific needs

International Second Opinion

International Second Opinion

Covers expenses for consultation from international medical experts excluding India.

See Details
Air Ambulance Cover

Air Ambulance Cover

Avail air ambulance service upto specified amount & severity of illness.

See Details
Room Rent Modification

Room Rent Modification

Room rent modification as per specified sum insured.

See Details

Cancer Insurance Plan Details

The Insured Person may access health related information and services such as health risk assessment, Doctor on chat, Special rates for OPD, Diagnostics and Pharmacy through Network Providers , etc as available on the Company's website.


  • Search the best deal in your location

  • Discount on all Healthcare and wellness services like Doctor Consultations, Diagnostics, Pharmacy, Dental Consultation and treatment

  • Comprehensive details on Doctors like qualification & appointment details.

  • Access to Right Healthcare Service, at right time and place.

  • Symptom tracker

  • Ailment to specialty tracker

  • Automated discount coupon download

  • 24x7 on call support

Health Portal
  • Entry Age - Minimum is 5 years Individual Basis

  • Entry Age - Maximum is 50 years on Individual Basis

  • Cover Type Individual: Maximum up to 6 Persons

  • Initial Waiting Period 90 days from any illness

  • Pre-existing Disease Waiting Period - 48 months of continued coverage

Download Terms & Conditions
  • Any item or condition or treatment specified in List of Non-Medical Items

  • Any treatment arising from or traceable to pregnancy (including voluntary termination), miscarriage (unless due to an Accident), childbirth, maternity (including caesarian section), abortion or complications of any of these.

  • Treatment taken from anyone who is not a Medical Practitioner or from a Medical Practitioner who is practicing outside the discipline for which he is licensed or any kind of self-medication.

  • Unproven/Experimental or investigational treatments. Any Illness or treatment which is a result or a consequence of undergoing such experimental or unproven treatment.

  • Charges incurred in connection with routine eye examinations and ear examinations, dentures, artificial teeth and all other similar external appliances and / or devices whether for diagnosis or treatment.

  • Treatment of mental illness or psychological disorders or Parkinson's or Alzheimer's disease even if caused or aggravated by or related to an Accident or Illness.

  • Expenses for cosmetic or plastic surgery or any treatment to change appearance unless for reconstruction following an Accident, Burn(s) or Cancer or as part of medically necessary treatment to remove a direct and immediate health risk to the insured. For this to be considered a medical necessity, it must be certified by the attending Medical Practitioner.

  • Treatment taken from anyone who is not a Medical Practitioner or from a Medical Practitioner who is practicing outside the discipline for which he is licensed or any kind of self-medication.

  • Act of self-destruction or self-inflicted Injury, attempted suicide or suicide while sane or insane or illness or injury attributable to consumption, use, misuse or abuse of intoxicating drugs, alcohol,tobacco(smoking/non-smoking)or hallucinogens.

  • All preventive care (except eligible and entitled for Benefit 9: Annual Health Check-up), Vaccination, including Inoculation and Immunizations (except in case of post-bite treatment), vitamins and tonics.

  • Expenses for treatment directly arising from or consequent upon any Insured Person committing or attempting to commit a breach of law with criminal intent

  • Investigation and evaluation

    a. Expenses related to any admission primarily for diagnostics and evaluation purposes only are excluded.

    b. Any diagnostic expenses which are not related or not incidental to the current diagnosis and treatment are excluded.



Intimate within 24 hours of your hospitalization

Planned Hospitalization

Intimate us 48 hours prior to your hospitalization



Request for pre-authorization


Claim from submission

Complete the pre-authorization form available
at the hospitals insurance/TPA Desk and send us through fax.


Approval letter sent by the claim management team


Hospital/Insured to response to the query raised by the claim management team


You may initiate the treatment and file for reimbursement claim

Submission of claim form along with required
documents, as per the policy terms & conditions


Approval letter sent by the claim management team


Insured to response to the query raised by the claim management team


We will communicate the reason in case of rejection


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Voice of Our Customers

Soni Singh

review Cancer insurance plan from Care health insurance worked wonders for us. I bought it for myself because of my family history with this disease. Glad that I could afford the best treatment under this plan!

Smita Reddy

review Care health insurance has been my go-to insurance partner. Its cancer insurance policy is like made for us. Got help with its pre- and post-hospitalization expense cover when my wife was diagnosed with cancer.

Ronak Ahuja

review I bought a Care health insurance cancer insurance plan for my father. When he was diagnosed with cancer at the initial stage, we could get the best treatment without worrying about the cost. Highly recommend it to others.

Anubhav Das

review Getting diagnosed with cancer was a shock for me. It is where the Care health insurance Cancer insurance plan acted as a life saviour, with its chemotherapy cover. All thanks to their team for helping me live again!

Madhav Singh

review Care health insurance Cancer Insurance plan is a must-have in these times when cancer risk is high. I am glad I bought it timely at a reasonable premium. Impressed by their quick claim settlement process!
Ankita Sharma

My appreciation for your prompt service

At the outset, I would like to express my appreciation for your prompt service in taking up the case regarding my claim. I have received timely intimation regarding the acceptance of my claim amount settled by you.

Ankita Sharma

Health Insurance

Indubala Nambiar

We will continue to avail of your scheme

Thank you for settling the claim amount. It helped me a lot during my tough time. The process is smooth and hassle-free. I will continue with Care Health Insurance and recommend it to my friends as well.

Indubala Nambiar

Health Insurance

Vikas Singh

Everything went very smooth

I would like to pass on my appreciation for Virender, who guided me during the difficult time. He helped me at every stage and didn't keep me waiting. Due to his efforts, I was relaxed and everything went very smooth.

Vikas Singh

Health Insurance

Sahil Khattar

Really helpful explaining the process in advance

I just wanted to thank you for the exceptional response from you on the recent cashless hospitalization request related to my mother's operation. You were really helpful throughout.

Sahil Khattar

Health Insurance

Aditya Sharma

Finalising my claim in a short period

I must express my profound appreciation for finalising my claim in a short period. I have heard of insurance companies holding payment or rejecting it outright on very flimsy grounds was not the case with Care health insurance, May your tribe grow more

Aditya Sharma

Health Insurance

Zeroing in on a health insurance plan for your family is a tricky choice, given the number of insurers in the market who offer similar policies. It is not wise to simply choose the policy with the lowest amount of premium. You need to compare different policies, their features and benefits. Care Health Insurance (CHI) (formerly known as Religare Health Insurance Company Limited) is a specialist Health Insurer and offers products keeping in mind the needs of a customer in the event of a medical exigency. CHI offers a distinct set of benefits giving a clear choice for providing you with the best possible health insurance.

Care Health Insurance

Awarded as Claims
Leader of the year

Care Health Insurance

30 Lakh + Claims Settled^^

Care Health Insurance

Cashless claim processing
in approx. 2 hours

^^number of claims settled as on February, 2022

Why Is It Important to Opt CHI Cancer Mediclaim?

A cancer diagnosis is not the end. The good news is that it is curable with timely medical intervention. However, due to higher medical inflation, the treatment is getting expensive and, unfortunately, becomes an out-of-pocket expense for many. Hospitalization, medicines, doctor's fees, etc., can be a huge strain on your savings. The right cancer care insurance policy helps you counter the ill effects of healthcare inflation and fight this deadly disease.

As per the National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research (NICPR), about 2.25 million Indians live with cancer, and over 11 lakh new patients get registered every year. You cannot stop medical uncertainties like cancer, but you can stay prepared with Cancer Care Health Insurance Plans. CHI Cancer Policy is an exclusive health insurance policy designed specifically to cover hospitalization and treatment expenses for cancer. It provides comprehensive coverage, including hospitalization, surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc. With this policy, you can avail the best healthcare facilities against all stages of cancer. Moreover, you will get lifelong cancer protection at a low premium.

Additionally, we also raise a cheer for your good health in the form of a bonus for every claim-free year. Cashless hospitalization facility at 8350+ network hospitals is one of the best features of this Cancer Care Policy.

Therefore, our Cancer Care Health Insurance Policy is vital to eliminate the domino effect this deadly disease has on patients and their families. It ensures your cancer treatment never stops due to a financial crunch.

Features of CHI Cancer Mediclaim

Our CHI Cancer Policy offers a whole lot when it comes to cancer care. With this policy, you can rest assured knowing that it is one of the complete Cancer Care Plans in India with the below prominent features:

  • Cancer coverage for all the stages
  • Wide range of sum insured from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 2 crore
  • Available on Individual basis
  • Chemotherapy and radiotherapy cover for better cure
  • AYUSH treatment coverage for sustainable treatment
  • Cashless treatment facility in 8350+ network hospitals
  • No Claim Bonus for every claim-free year under the cancer protection plan
  • Lifelong renewability through successive policy renewals
  • Monthly/Quarterly EMI option for multi-year policies
  • Preventive care through annual health checkup for all the insured members
  • Quick recovery counseling from a psychologist for a speedy recovery
*Please read the T & C of the Super Mediclaim product as features may vary as per the sum insured opted.

Add-Ons To Cover Your Specific Needs

A medical emergency can knock at the door anytime. So you need full-proof protection to combat diseases like cancer. Choose these add-ons covers to ensure you get the best treatment without any loopholes:

International Second Opinion: It is an extension of the second opinion benefit. We will arrange an international second opinion with doctors outside India so that you can get satisfying results.

Room Rent Modification: Treatment should have no boundary. With this add-on, you will have no limit on room rent during hospitalization.

Air Ambulance Cover: We will pay you up to the amount specified in the policy for availing of air ambulance services in India through this cover.

What Is Included In CHI Cancer Mediclaim Plan?

Our Cancer Care Policy has a lot to offer to ensure you will get the maximum out of it. Let's take a look at what all CHI Super Mediclaim includes:

Cancer Coverage for All Stages: Timely diagnosis can prevent cancer. We provide comprehensive coverage for all stages of cancer.

In-Patient Hospitalization: We bear your in-patient hospitalization costs to ensure that you will get the proper treatment without facing financial stress.

Pre and Post Hospitalization Expenses: Cancer treatment has various pre and post-hospitalization expenses that cost heavily to the policyholders. We cover them too before 30 days and after 60 days of hospitalization.

Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy Cover: We include chemotherapy and radiotherapy in our cancer care insurance plan to ensure you get constant care.

Ambulance Cover: We understand the importance of timely treatment; that is why we cover your ambulance expenses in case of an emergency.

Organ Donor Cover: Organ donation is a lifesaver for many, and we appreciate this Noble cause. Therefore, we cover the medical expenses incurred by you towards your organ donor while undergoing organ transplant surgery.

Alternative Treatments: We include AYUSH treatment as well in our Cancer Care Health Insurance. As the combination of conventional medical treatment and alternative therapies quickens the process of your recovery.

Second Opinion: If you feel uncertain about your current diagnosis or treatment, you can get a second opinion within India from good doctors without impacting your sum insured.

Annual Health Checkup: Your good health is our prime concern. Annual health checkup is also a part of our Cancer Care Policy that help you to keep track of your health and avoid hospital visits.

No Claim Bonus: We will enhance your sum insured for every claim-free policy year as a reward for your good health. However, no claim bonus will not exceed 100% of the sum insured.

Health Services: Serious illnesses can drain you mentally also. So we offer health services like quick recovery counseling, doctor on call, and a health portal to help you deal with the trauma.

Global Coverage: We include global coverage in CHI Cancer Policy. You can avail of hospitalization expenses through a cashless or reimbursement facility for the covered conditions outside India.

OPD Expenses: Cancer OPD consultations, cancer prescribed diagnostics, and Cancer Prescribed medicines are trivial, but collectively these can cause a major financial impact after a person has been discharged from the Cancer Treatment. We include them too in our cancer care insurance policy.

*Please read the brochure and prospectus to know more about our health insurance plans cover as these may vary.

Benefits Of CHI Cancer Mediclaim Plan

Care Health Insurance Super Mediclaim is explicitly designed for people who need to undergo cancer treatment. Wrapped up with unique features, it has below distinct benefits:

  • Offers comprehensive coverage for cancer treatment at all stages to ensure timely treatment without financial problem.
  • Chemotherapy and radiotherapy cover for the best treatment that helps to get the complete cure of the disease.
  • Reimbursement for pre and post hospitalization expenses for 30 days before and 60 days after hospitalization.
  • Cashless treatment facility at leading network hospitals in the country without getting worried about cash.
  • Hassle-free and timely claim settlement for cashless and reimbursement.
  • EMI options are available to reduce the burden of premium on your pocket.
  • Quick customer support from expert insurance advisors at every step.
  • Provide financial protection during a medical emergency.
  • Value-added features include quick recovery counseling, doctor-on-call, annual health checkup, etc.
  • Lifelong renewability for continuous coverage.
  • Offer no claim bonus for every claim-free year as a cheer for your good health.
  • Special Discount for multi-year policies on single premium.
  • Maximum coverage for cancer treatment at an affordable premium.
  • Tax benefits under section 80D of the Income Tax Act to save more.

How Does Care Health Insurance Cancer Mediclaim Plan Work?

CHI Cancer Policy is the only plan that gives complete protection against cancer. Your regular health insurance will only cover hospitalization costs. But, with this policy, you will get coverage for cancer treatment and care. This plan is simple and acts as your savior during a medical emergency that occurs due to cancer. Let's take how it works:

  • Mrs. Sharma, a 40-year-old female, opts for a sum insured of Rs. 50 lakhs with a policy term of 3 years. She has no pre-existing condition at the time of purchasing the cancer care insurance. As per her profile, her cancer insurance quotes include an annual premium of Rs. 16,252 (includes 18% GST)*
  • The No-Claim Bonus would have allowed her to get a higher sum insured at the time of renewal. Her sum insured after five claim-free years will be Rs. 1 crore.
  • If she is diagnosed with cancer later in life, her expenses for the cancer treatment are Rs. 45 lakhs. If she can opt for cashless hospitalization in any of our network hospitals, we directly settle her medical bills with the hospital. On the other hand, if she chooses any non-network hospital, she can file for reimbursement.
  • Since this cancer medical insurance is an indemnity-based policy, it will compensate for the actual medical expenses arising from the insured person's treatment for the disease. Therefore, we cover her expenses up to the sum insured and policy terms and conditions.

Note:*Premium calculation may vary as per individual age, sum insured, and health conditions.

Reasons You Should Buy CHI Cancer Mediclaim

  • Less expensive than a standard health insurance policy
  • Coverage for up to 6 individuals in a single policy
  • An additional layer of protection from cancer for your family members
  • No claim bonus for claim-free year
  • Value-added features such as quick recovery counseling, doctor on call, annual health checkup
  • Combination of conventional and alternative treatment including AYUSH treatment for the speedy recovery
  • Curb the ill-effects of rising medical inflation to get the proper cancer care
  • Lifelong protection for all family members from cancer at an affordable premium
  • Special discounts on multi-year policies to reduce premium
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FAQs on CHI Cancer Mediclaim


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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What Is CHI Cancer Mediclaim Policy?

It is a comprehensive policy designed to cover the treatment and hospitalization expenses for people diagnosed with cancer at all stages.

Q.Why Do I Need the CHI Cancer Mediclaim Policy?

If you have a family history of cancer, you should stay protected with our cancer mediclaim. Moreover, cancer cases are rising in India, and the related treatment becomes out-of-pocket expenses. So if you want to keep at bay from this lethal disease and save your hard-earned money, you should invest in the right Cancer Care Plan.

Q.How Many Network Hospitals That The Company Has Tied Up For CHI Cancer Mediclaim?

We have tie-up with 8350+ network hospitals across the country.

Q.What Are The Benefits of This Policy?

CHI Cancer Policy offers comprehensive coverage for all the stages of cancer with several significant benefits at an affordable premium.

Q.Is There Any Criteria To Buy CHI Cancer Mediclaim?

The age of the proposer should be 18 years or above to buy this cancer care insurance plan.

Q.Do I Need To Undergo Medical Tests To Enroll Myself For This Policy?

No pre-policy medical tests are required before buying cancer insurance. However, depending on your health conditions, the underwriter may ask for a health checkup to determine your health risk.

Q.Is There Any Tax Exemption Under The Policy?

You will get tax exemption on the premium paid subject to rules and regulations of section 80D of the Income Tax Act of India 1961.

Q.Do I Need A Separate Plan For Cancer, Even If I Have A Health Insurance Plan?

Cancer Care Plans in India scores over standalone health insurance plans because these plans cover in-patient, out-patient, chemotherapy, radiotherapy expenses, etc., for complete cancer care. Moreover, you can buy it as an additional protection cover to secure your loved ones against cancer.

Q.Do I Need Cancer Plan If Everyone Is Healthy In My Family

Due to unhealthy lifestyles, work stress, pollution, etc., the number of cancer cases is rising in India. So, it is better to stay protected with Care Super Mediclaim.

Q.Can I avail tax benefits under CHI Cancer Mediclaim?

Yes, you can avail tax benefits under cancer Mediclaim policy. The premium paid for cancer care insurance gets tax exemption under section 80D of the income tax act of India.

Q.Does CHI Cancer Mediclaim Allows Cashless Benefit

Yes, you can avail of cashless benefits in our listed 8350+ network hospitals across the country under this policy.

Disclaimer : Information above is just for reference. Kindly read T & C of policy thoroughly, Do refer IRDAI guidelines for tax exemption conditions.

*Claim Settlement Ratio is for FY 19-20 and number of claims settled till February 2022.

^^Number of Cashless Healthcare Providers till 25th March 2022

Cancer Mediclaim complete plan details

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