Why OPD Coverage in Health Insurance is Essential Post COVID


Why OPD Coverage in Health Insurance is Essential Post COVID

While the COVID curve is flattening, its after-effects are here to stay. Many people recovering from COVID are complaining of constant breathing problems, heart complications, inflammation, and other health effects. Resultantly, OPD centers are witnessing one of the longest queues of patients at hospitals across India. It is challenging for healthcare providers and families to bear the inflated cost of OPD expenses. 

The good news is- you can now secure your wallet against the hefty OPD expenses with your current health insurance. An additional benefit of OPD cover in health insurance helps you pay for doctor’s consultation, pharmacy, and more without draining your savings. 

Read on to learn more about how OPD coverage eases your post COVID burden. 

How an OPD Cover Enhances Your Health Insurance 

Covers Doctor’s Consultation Fees

How often do you avoid consulting a doctor because of a high fee? Out-patient department or OPD coverage under your health insurance helps you get timely advice from medical experts without digging into your pockets. Families with dependent children or parents need OPD benefits to take care of frequent doctor visits and regular health checks. 

Takes Care of Diagnostic Tests

When a critical emergency strikes, you need to undergo a chain of lab tests and examinations to identify the root cause of health issues. What’s disturbing are the skyrocketing costs of minor tests, especially across metro cities. 

Economic Survey analysis reveals that standard diagnostics like lipid profile, liver function, thyroid, etc., can cost as high as  Rs 7000 in metro cities. Health insurance with OPD cover provides enough financial support to cover expensive diagnostics at private hospitals. Also, it helps you get timely treatment by washing away your worries about healthcare funds

Pays for Pharmacy Bills

With the rising healthcare costs in India, the prices of medicines are also witnessing an over 8% year-on-year increase. Unaffordable prices are the reason why many people do not complete the entire medication course and quit midway. Medical insurance with OPD cover helps you receive adequate medications without bearing the financial burden post COVID. 

Includes COVID-19 Vaccination

Indian households are actively participating in the COVID-19 vaccination drive, with over 50% of India’s population fully vaccinated. Yet, the cost of COVID-19 vaccination has shot up to six times across metro cities and private hospitals. A COVID-specific OPD cover benefits you by covering the vaccination expenses. It helps people undergo the vaccination process without facing financial obstacles. 

Types of OPD Covers You can Opt with Care Health Insurance Plans

At Care Health Insurance, we enhance your medical covers with the most appropriate add-on covers. COVID care and OPD benefits are some of the highly demanded optional covers. These add-on benefits help our customers bear minor post-COVID ailments without stressing their wallets every time. Here are the two unique OPD covers to opt with Care mediclaims- 

COVID Care with OPD

COVID Care is a step ahead in ensuring complete protection from COVID-related medical expenses. As an add-on benefit, COVID Care with OPD cover includes pre and post-hospitalization expenses, day-care treatments, quarantine & vaccination expenses, and OPD benefit up to a specified amount. You can avail of up to Rs 5,000 OPD benefits with COVID care. The best part- you can utilize the balance amount under OPD benefits for treating 

OPD Care

One of the most essential optional covers- OPD Care acts like an OPD cover in health insurance, retaining your savings from draining due to trivial medical expenses. With this add-on benefit, you can rely on us to share the burden of OPD expenses through a reimbursement facility. It covers expenses incurred for out-patient consultations, diagnostic tests, pharmacy bills, and COVID-19 vaccination. This add-on offers OPD coverage from INR 5,000 to 50,000, meeting all your minor and major medical needs.  

Care Health Insurance Plans with Coronavirus Coverage

IRDAI mandates every health insurance company to offer a dedicated health policy for COVID-19 treatment. We understand the complexity of handling separate policies, thus bringing you pocket-size OPD covers to meet your healthcare needs. We offer COVID Care with OPD and OPD care as optional benefits to club with most of our health insurance plans, including Care Family, Care Joy, Heart Health Insurance, and others. You can add these benefits to your policy at the time of purchase or policy renewal.

*Disclaimer: Please refer to the policy terms and conditions to learn more about the latest benefits. 


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