How Your Age affects the Health Insurance Premium


Know why does Health Insurance Premium Rises as you Age

A good health insurance policy is one that covers all your medical requirements. Before getting adequate health insurance, certain factors should be considered, such as age, network hospitals, family history, etc. Among all these factors, age affects your health insurance premium. Do you know that as you age, your health insurance premium also changes? If not, then let us find how your age affects the premium. A premium is an amount that you pay to the health insurance company to buy the health insurance plan.

Mentioned below are certain factors affecting health insurance premium: 

  • A premium increases with age as there are chances that the risk of health issues also increases. 
  • Secondly, with every passing year, there has been an increase in medical expenses. Therefore, there is an increase in premium payments.

At a younger age, there are lesser chances of developing illnesses, which is why the cost of the premium is low. Whereas, as you age, there are more chances that you experience more health issues. Does this mean that you should opt for a health insurance policy at a young age? The answer is yes. Age is one of the primary factors in calculating the health insurance premium. In today’s time, people are buying health insurance covers to secure their health and their families. People now are aware that illnesses and any medical exigency can happen to anyone irrespective of age. 

Why Buying Health Insurance at a Young Age is a Good Decision?

Opting for a health insurance plan at a younger age that is ideal for you is not less than a blessing. There is no point of waiting for the time to fall sick. Hence, it is advisable to opt for a health cover that can give you a sense of security, both financially and mentally. This is also applicable if you are thinking of buying a health insurance policy for your parents. Be sure to opt for a health insurance cover before they reach the age of 60 years as the premium payment is higher for senior citizens.

Buying a health cover early will also help you in your financial planning. It ensures that you are secure against medical emergencies, and it is also a great investment.  Apart from this, you will also tend to enjoy all the benefits of the health insurance plan when you need them the most. 

Final Word

Medical exigencies are unplanned and can put a dent on your savings. Hence, it is advisable to pay your health insurance premium on time to avail of its benefits.

Care Health Insurance (Formerly Religare Health Insurance) provides a number of comprehensive plans that offer maximum coverage at an affordable premium. You can visit the company’s official website and opt for a health insurance cover according to your budget. Choosing for a health insurance cover at a young age enables you to pay a lesser premium as you experience fewer on no ailments. Buying a health insurance cover online eliminates the cost of agent’s fees that may result in paying a lower health insurance premium.

You can also use a health insurance premium calculator that will help you to choose the right health insurance plan.