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A Simple Guide on Student Travel Insurance

About Student Travel Insurance


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    Need for Student Travel Insurance

    Your educational aspirations, in many cases, might take you to a foreign destination. Studying abroad isn’t just about a new way of education but also a whole new way of life. Along the way, you are very likely to inculcate certain habits that will help you become a lot more independent and disciplined. However, moving to a whole new country and leaving behind your loved ones can also be quite overwhelming.

    So, to make this transition easier, one of the first things that you must consider is getting a student travel insurance. But, before investing in such a plan, you must have proper knowledge of the inclusions, exclusions, and the overall benefits that you can get from a travel insurance policy. Here is a simple guide to help you out: -

    What is Student Travel Insurance?

    Student travel insurance provides financial protection to students studying abroad against medical and non-medical emergencies that may arise during their stay abroad. This may range from medical expenses (as stated in the policy literature) including cover for pre-existing in case of life-threatening medical conditions, in-patient and out-patient care, medical evacuation, personal liability, loss of baggage, and a lot more. In entirety, a student-oriented international travel insurance plan accounts for the trip as well as the student’s health insurance.

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    Things to Consider

    Coverage for Flight Cancellation and Loss of Checked-in Baggage

    A student travel policy must provide coverage for flight cancellation. In case the flight gets cancelled due to any unforeseen situations, the student should get the charges covered. Since flight cancellation is something that is out of hands, it is always wise to choose a plan that comes with this benefit. Additionally, look for plans that cover loss of checked-in baggage and its contents since you’ll be carrying a fair amount of luggage for your stay abroad.

    Medical Expenses

    Every insurance policy comes with different inclusions and exclusions. However, choosing a student travel insurance policy that covers your medical expenses makes sense so that you do not have to worry in case any health emergency befalls. Some of the medical expenses that a typical student travel insurance policy should cover are – emergency hospitalization, anaesthetic dental treatment, and emergency medical evacuation, among others.

    Coverage for Study Interruption

    There is a possibility that your study abroad might get interrupted due to extended hospitalization or medical evacuation to your home country. Coverage for situations such as this is pretty important.


    You must ensure that your student travel insurance policy has the following inclusions:

    • Emergency cashless hospitalization
    • Anaesthetic dental treatment
    • Immediate claim settlement
    • Emergency medical evacuation
    • Repatriation of mortal remains
    • Accidental death compensation to the nominee
    • Assistance in obtaining a duplicate copy of passport
    • Reimbursement in case of delay or loss of checked-in baggage
    • Personal liability, compassionate visit, and bail bond


    There are some typical exclusions in student travel insurance, which are: - 

    • Treatment of degenerative and oncological diseases
    • Expenses incurred due to suicide, injuries, illness, or alcohol consumption
    • Travelling against the advice of a medical practitioner
    • Treatment for obesity
    • Occurrences like war and natural calamities

    Care Travel Insurance offers comprehensive and low-cost travel insurance plans for students with benefits like need-based coverage tenure from 1 month to 3 years, sponsor protection, and cashless claims settlement. Stay well-covered while studying abroad.


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