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    Choosing the Best Mediclaim for Family

    Advancement in medical science brings new hopes in health care and increases the chances of survival from chronic diseases. But, the rise in healthcare costs is accountable for the challenges in accessing medical care. As a result, the costs of health check-ups, doctors' fees, medication, treatment, and hospitalization are skyrocketing and burning holes in the pockets. Thus, a mediclaim policy cover for your family is inevitable. It will give you the much-required financial strength to cope with any medical emergency that may strike suddenly.

    Some non-communicable diseases, like cardiovascular diseases and cancer, are alarmingly increasing and can hit your family members anytime. Therefore, keeping in mind, we have designed Super Mediclaim as your one-stop solution for healthcare needs.

    Here is your go-to guide to understand our mediclaim policy for your family in India.

    What is Mediclaim for Family?

    God Forbid! If any medical emergency knocks on anyone's doors, it is not lesser than a financial trauma. But, if you already have mediclaim as a safety shield, you do not need to worry. It mitigates health risks and covers hospitalization expenses. Also, if the policyholder is diagnosed with life-threatening diseases, it helps you manage the long-treatment costs. Cashless facility and reimbursement claim are the two ways to claim under this health policy. It is an ideal investment to save hard-earned money and stay in the pinkest of health.


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    Health Insurance for Diabetes, High BMI and Hypertension

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    How Important is Mediclaim Policy for your Family?

    The health and well-being of our family members matter the most above all other things in the world. When we have family responsibilities, as we race against time to fulfil work and other life goals, it is essential to have a financial plan to take care of any emergency medical expenses. Investing in the best mediclaim policy for your family is the foremost step you must take. Health care has become costlier than before while ailments are rising, especially among the young population.

    A medical emergency can occur any day without any warning signs, no matter if one is young or old; such is the uncertain nature of life. One hospital visit can add an unnecessary load on your savings for the year. Therefore, mediclaim insurance covering your entire family is a vital and affordable investment plan that will give you lifelong financial protection against unforeseen events, like hospitalization, long-term medical care, and age-related health issues.

    What is Covered under a Mediclaim Policy for Family?

    Opting for a family floater mediclaim policy saves you and your family from sudden shocks in life. Read below to know the various expenses the policy will cover:

    • COVID-19 treatment coverage
    • In-patient hospitalization cover during any planned or emergency treatment, including ICU charges, room rent, and doctor’s fee
    • Medical expenses incurred during pre-hospitalization for 30 days and post-hospitalization up to 60 days
    • Emergency ambulance expenses; and everyday expenses during hospitalization, up to a specified amount for a specified number of days
    • Various modern day care treatment procedures
    • Pre-existing diseases, subject to a waiting period specified in the policy
    • Advance technology treatments, including robotic surgery/ balloon sinuplasty
    • Preventive annual health check-up once a year for the insured

    Exclusions in Family Mediclaim Policy

    The standard exclusions in a mediclaim policy for a family in India include:
    • Any diagnosis of ailment/ undergoing of surgery/occurrence of the event, the signs or symptoms of which first occur within 30 days of policy period start date
    • Expenses attributable to self-inflicted injuries, suicide, or attempted suicide
    • Hospitalization arising out of alcohol or drug use/misuse/abuse
    • Medical expenses arising out of the treatment of congenital disease
    • War, riot, strike, nuclear weapons induced hospitalization

    Benefits of Mediclaim Policy for Family

    A family floater plan is your saviour whenever your family faces a medical emergency. The health cover helps you by providing financial security and mental peace. Check the significant benefits of choosing the best cashless medical policy for the family:

    • Flexibility: You get the flexibility to choose different mediclaim policies as per your family’s healthcare needs. Also, you have the choice to get an indemnity-based individual cover or a floater mediclaim policy cover, as per your needs.
    • Lifelong coverage: Under the comprehensive family mediclaim policy, there is no upper age for enrolment. The insured persons can get lifelong coverage under the same plan without the need to buy another policy.
    • Easy Premium Payment: The policyholder can opt for a monthly or quarterly instalment option to pay the premium.
    • Cashless Feature: Opting for the cashless mediclaim policy for a family helps the insured members access cashless treatment at our network hospitals. Thus, the cashless facility saves your time and mental peace during any medical emergency. 
    • Financial Protection: A mediclaim policy offers a strong financial back-up during any medical exigency and protects your family against out-of-pocket medical expenditures.
    • No Claim Bonus: Each time you spend a claim-free year, you will be rewarded with an increased sum insured by a specified percentage under the no claim bonus feature.
    • Section 80D tax benefits: You can get Section 80D deduction* on the premium up to Rs 75,000 in a family floater policy.
    Note: Tax exemptions are subject to the rules and regulations of the Income Tax Act

    How to Buy Mediclaim Policy Online for Family?

    Technology is helping insurance buyers experience the comfort of getting a policy at a click. Trusted insurers like Care Health Insurance now offer various mediclaim plans for a family and individuals online.

    Access our website and proceed to buy a mediclaim policy for your family by following these simple steps:

    • Select a mediclaim insurance plan that matches your requirements.
    • Click on ‘Get Quote’ and enter your details (like name, age, etc.) to receive the quotes.
    • Check the premium using the online mediclaim premium calculator and customise your policy.
    • Pay the mediclaim premium through any secure payment mode. 

    We will send the policy documents on your registered email-id.

    Why do we need Mediclaim Policy for Family

    8350+ Cashless Network Hospitals provides you financial cushion in cases of medical emergencies.

    Medical Expenses Coverage including COVID-19 Hospitalization Expenses.

    Stay Safe and Avail Tax Deduction u/s 80D

    How Care Health Insurance Plans Can Help You?


    Cashless Healthcare Provider

    23 Lacs +

    Claim Settled*


    In-house settlement for better management


    Industry best claim settlement ratio*


    Less grievance ratio per 10,000 claims

    Your search for a suitable mediclaim policy for your family stops here! With Care Health Insurance Plans, you can secure your family’s health by choosing a customised plan that rightly fits their medical needs, considering age and other factors. 

    Stay focused on your health during any medical emergency while we take care of your medical expenditures. Get comprehensive coverage and various benefits, including hassle-free claim settlement, cashless medical treatment, premium discount with multi-year policies, and more. Further, you can add new family members covered in the same policy without any hassle.

    How to Find and Choose the Best Mediclaim Policy for Family?

    In the times we live, when medical treatment costs are skyrocketing, it's wise to take a medical policy for your family. Read below how you can choose the best medical policy for your family.

    • Look for Maximum Coverage: Comprehensive mediclaim policy provides maximum coverage, including pre and post-hospitalization expenses, diagnosis expenses, treatment, and medication. You can also buy add-on covers like OPD care.
    • Check the Amount of Premium: You can calculate the premium with premium calculators available online. In this way, you can opt for the cover that saves your money from depletion and does not overburden your pocket.
    • Read the Exclusions: A policy also has an exclusions list that you should read carefully before investing in it. There are certain conditions when your family cannot get the claim. So, opt for the cover that offers maximum coverage with minimal exclusions.
    • Check the Co-Payment Clause: Before investing in a family floater, it’s advisable to check the co-payment clause. Generally, there is a specified percentage of the claim amount you have to pay to settle the medical bills. However, any amount over and above this will be bored by the insurer.
    • Know about Network Hospitals: Ensure that you study thoroughly about the network hospitals partnered with your health insurance company. It's advisable to look for hospitals near your residence and well-renowned for healthcare services.

    Therefore, it's good to go through every minute detail while selecting a medical cover for your family. With a sound medical policy, you can provide the best treatment for your family without getting overburdened financially.

    Features of Mediclaim Policy for Family 

    Stay worry-free by getting the best medical coverage for your loved ones. We list the prominent features of a mediclaim policy for family that you can look forward to avail:

    • Comprehensive medical coverage including cover for COVID-19 treatment expenses 
    • Wide-ranging sum insured options up to Rs 75 lakh and more
    • Coverage for non-allopathic treatments like AYUSH up to the specified limit
    • Automatic recharge of sum insured and unlimited automatic recharge as an optional benefit
    • Coverage for 540+ day care treatments 
    • Avail annual health check-up for all insured members once a year
    • No maximum limit on the entry age for any of our policies
    • No Claim Bonus with an  increase in sum insured  by 10% for every claim-free year, up to a maximum of 50% in 5 consecutive years
    • Continued coverage with lifelong renewability benefit

    Eligibility Criteria for Family Mediclaim Policy

    For getting the best mediclaim policy in India for your family, the eligibility criteria are given below:
    • Minimum age of 91 days for floater policy (with at least one insured person 18 years or above), and 5 years for individual cover
    • There is no maximum age limit for entry

    Factors Affecting the Premium of a Mediclaim Policy for Family

    When you buy a mediclaim policy for your family or yourself, you are required to regularly pay a specified premium to avail the coverage under the policy. We take several factors into account and other information about the customer to calculate the premium based on the underwriting process.

    Before opting for a cashless mediclaim policy for your family in India, it is best to check these factors discussed below. These are some critical factors that will impact premium rates.

    • Age: As a person ages, the premium goes up. For younger individuals, the mediclaim premium is usually affordable since they have lower health risks. 
    • Sum Insured: The premium will also depend on the amount of coverage you have opted for under your mediclaim policy.
    • Type of Coverage: One can opt for either a mediclaim insurance policy for the family or an individual mediclaim policy. The premium will accordingly vary. Moreover, the number of insured persons covered in the policy also affects the premium cost. 
    • Pre-Existing Diseases: The pre-existing disease is another factor impacting the premium. It will be higher for people who have diabetes, hypertension, etc.
    • Smoking/Tobacco: An individual's lifestyle habits, including tobacco or alcohol consumption, are considered factors for deciding the premium. In such cases, the premium will be higher.
    • Discounts: Discounts while opting for a multi-year policy on a single premium also reduces the premium.
    • Optional Benefits: If you wish to avail of some optional benefits like deductible, co-payment, unlimited automatic recharge, and so on, you need to pay a slightly higher premium.


    Nothing is more valuable than your family’s health. Every day, you try hard to give them good health and a comfortable life. Therefore, a small investment in a health insurance policy gives you financial immunity and world-class healthcare facilities for your family. Check the best cashless mediclaim policy for the family in India offered by us. Thus, your loved ones can enjoy good health and peaceful lives.

    *Please read the policy T & C, brochure, and prospectus to know more about our health insurance plans cover as it may vary.

    ^ 20% discount is applicable for a 3-year policy and 4 or above insured family members

    *IBAI Claims Handbook for FY 19-20

    FAQs on Mediclaim For Family

    Q. What is a mediclaim insurance policy for family?

    Ans. mediclaim insurance policy for family is an insurance policy that will cover hospitalization and related medical expenses. It offers coverage in two ways – cashless and reimbursement claim.

    Q. Why choose Family Mediclaim Policy?

    Ans. In India, a mediclaim policy for a family is a vital investment as healthcare costs are climbing up, and at the same time, lifestyle diseases are also posing new health risks. For tackling any medical emergency without the least financial trouble, a mediclaim policy is the right choice.

    Q. How does mediclaim insurance for family works?

    Ans. The mediclaim insurance for family covers you and your immediate family members, including spouse, and dependent children, under a single policy for an affordable premium. It is essential to regularly pay the premium and opt for timely policy renewals to get continued coverage and avail of the policy benefits. In a medical emergency, you can access cashless hospitalization at a network hospital empaneled with us. We will settle the expenses directly with the hospital. If you choose a non-network hospital, you can apply for a reimbursement claim.

    Q. How can I add family members to my existing policy?

    Ans. You can add a new family member to your existing mediclaim for family at the time of policy renewal. You are required to notify us and submit the duly-filled proposal form.

    Q. Do I need to opt for a separate health policy if my family members and I are already included in a corporate health policy?

    Ans. Considering the medical inflation in India, getting a separate mediclaim policy for your family is best advisable even if you and your family members are already covered in a corporate health policy. That is because your corporate health cover may not be adequate and would not be available in case of job loss or any job change.

    Q. During the course of any medical treatment, can I change my hospital?

    Ans.  Yes, if the need arises, you can change the hospital during the course of any medical treatment. The medical expenses will be covered, subject to the policy terms and conditions.

    Q. How can I check my status of mediclaim insurance claim?

    Ans. You can now easily track your status of mediclaim insurance claim online. All you need to do is visit our official website, go to the claim section, and enter relevant details, including your policy number.

    Q. Can I take multiple family mediclaim policies? How can I make a claim in that scenario?

    Ans. Yes, you can have multiple family mediclaim policies. In case you have multiple indemnity-based plans with other insurers or us, you can use any of these plans to settle the claim, provided that the claim amount payable is up to the sum insured of such policy. In case the claim amount under a single policy exceeds the sum insured, you can choose the insurer to settle the claim. The medical expenses will be settled, subject to the policy terms and conditions.