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Mediclaim for Family

How to choose the best Mediclaim policy for family?


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Choosing the Best Mediclaim for Family

Advancement in medical science bringing new hopes in health care and increases the chances of survival from chronic diseases. But, the rise in healthcare costs is accountable for a higher chunk in medical inflation. As a result, the costs of health check-ups, doctors’ fees, medication, treatment, and hospitalization are skyrocketing and burning holes in the pockets. Non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, and chronic respiratory diseases are alarmingly increasing and can hit your family members anytime. In such a situation, the right medical policy acts as a rescuer. It protects you from financial burden and provides your loved ones the finest available health treatments. Here is your go-to guide to understand mediclaim and how to choose the best mediclaim policy for the family in India.

What is Mediclaim?

It is insurance coverage that bears your medical expenses in case of emergencies. You can get it for you and your family. The entry age for medical cover is between 18 to 65 years. Under such health insurance cover, either you can opt for cashless facility or reimbursement. It is an ideal investment to save your hard-earned money and secure your family.

Features of Mediclaim Policy for Family

Family mediclaim policy saves you and your family from sudden shocks in life. Read below its basic features:

  • Cover pre and post hospitalization expenses
  • Hospital bills can be claimed either by cashless facility or by reimbursement up to the sum insured
  • Minimum 24 hours hospitalization is required to get the claim
  • It also has a list of specific exclusions.
  • Lifelong renewability is easily available
  • No upper age for enrolment
  • Additional riders for chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  • Premium paid for family mediclaim comes under tax exemption

How to Choose the Best Mediclaim Policy for Family?

In today’s time, when medical treatment costs are skyrocketing, it’s wise to take a medical policy for your family. Read below how you can choose the best medical policy for family.

  • Look for Maximum Coverage: Comprehensive mediclaim policy provides maximum coverage including pre and post-hospitalization expenses, diagnosis expenses, treatment, and medication. You can also buy riders for an organ donor, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy and annual health check-ups.
  • Check the Amount of Premium: You can calculate the premium with the help of premium calculators available online. In this way you can opt for the cover that saves your money from depletion and also do not overburden your pocket.
  • Read the Exclusions: It also has exclusions list that you should read carefully before investing in it. There are certain conditions when your family cannot get the claim. So, opt for the cover that offers maximum coverage with minimal exclusions.
  • Check the Co-Payment Clause: Before investing in a family floater it’s advisable to check the co-payment clause. Generally, it ranges between 10 to 30% of the amount that you have to pay to settle the medical bills. However, any amount over and above this will be bored by the insurer.
  • Know about Network Hospitals: Make sure that you study thoroughly about the network hospitals those who are partnered with your health insurance company. It’s advisable to look for the hospitals that are near to your residence and well-renowned for healthcare services.

Therefore, it’s good to go through every minute detail while selecting a medical cover for your family. With a sound medical policy, you can avail the best treatment for your family without getting overburden financially.

Benefits of Cashless Mediclaim Policy for Family

A family floater plan is your savior whenever your family faces a medical emergency. It provides you financial security with mental peace. Read below the significant benefits of having the best cashless medical policy for family:

  • Provide a cashless hospitalization facility in case of a medical emergency.
  • Offers financial cushion during any medical exigency and protect from those out-of-pocket medical expenditures.
  • Offers additional riders such as alternative treatments, ambulance cover, day-care procedures, health check-ups, according to your needs for complete protection.
  • Coverage for pre and post hospitalization expenses such as diagnosis, doctor’s fee, medication, etc.
  • Option to pick critical illness cover and get the expenses covered for the treatment of life-threatening diseases.
  • Lifelong renewability, coverage for alternative treatments, ambulance cover, day-care procedures, health check-ups, etc. are its additional benefits.
  • Advance treatment facility within network hospitals in nearby locations.
  • Tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act with deduction up to Rs 50,000.


Nothing is more important to you than your family. Every day, you try hard to give them a good health and a comfortable life. Therefore, a small investment in health insurance policy gives you financial immunity and the world-class healthcare facilities for your family. Check the best cashless mediclaim policy for the family in India offered by Care Health Insurance (Formerly Religare Health Insurance). It is designed to cover all your medical expenses with advanced healthcare facilities. So, you and your loved ones can enjoy good health and peaceful lives.

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