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A Complete Guide on Buying Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plans

Ageing is Inevitable But Taking Care of Your Health is in Your Hands


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Ageing has its pros and cons, but one cannot ignore the fact that old age is a phase of life when a person needs maximum medical attention owing to the risk of age-related ailments. Living a comfortable and stress-free life after retirement is possible with prior planning and safeguarding health. A health insurance plan is the best financial support everyone would need in their later years.

It goes without saying that senior citizens must have health insurance. If you have elderly parents who depend financially on you, then you must purchase a senior citizen health insurance plan for them. These plans provide cover for critical illnesses and pre-existing disease, along with a higher sum assured, and cashless hospitalization facility. It is crucial to opt for insurance for your elderly parents because people are more vulnerable to illnesses in their old age.

Here is a complete guide that will help you in buying senior citizen health insurance for your elderly parents: -

Know Their Medical History

When you buy a senior citizen health insurance policy for your elderly parents, it is essential to be aware of their medical history. It helps you in identifying the type of coverage they require and the different advantages they can avail from health insurance in the future.

Assess the Different Aspects of Health Plans

When choosing a suitable citizen health insurance plan, there are a lot of aspects to take care of like premium, add-ons, coverage, exclusions, and inclusions, to name a few. It is sensible to factor these in at the time of making a choice.

Always Provide Accurate Information

When you select an insurance policy, give accurate information because if you do not do so, then it can lead to issues at the time of filing claims.

Do Not Let Premium Be the Only Deciding Factor

We all desire to get the maximum benefit out of our health insurance that too at the minimum cost. With that in mind, do not let the premium cost of senior citizen medical insurance be the sole criterion. Also, give preference to adequate insurance coverage as that is the requirement for which you are buying a senior citizen health insurance plan.

What to Keep in Mind at The Time of Selecting a Policy?

When you search for a suitable senior citizen health insurance plan, keep some of these essential parameters in mind:


Age plays a vital role because an insurance plan provides coverage based on age. Age impacts the premium cost and becomes a crucial factor when selecting the sum insured.

Hospital Network:

A hospital in the vicinity will be of great help at the time of emergency. So, do go through the list of network hospitals at the time of selecting a suitable health insurance plan for your parents.

Day Care Treatment

Nowadays, several medical procedures require a hospital stay of less than 24 hours. So, remember to check that day care treatment procedures are covered in a senior citizen health policy.

Coverage for Specific Illnesses:

Go through the policy documents and see whether the most common illnesses that are associated with old age are listed or not.

Last but not least, go through the fine print of your policy thoroughly and check out its exclusions as well as inclusions. Doing so gives you a lot of clarity in terms of what your health policy offers.

Why Do You Need Senior Citizen Health Insurance?

Here are some of the main reasons why you require senior citizen health insurance in old age:

  • It manages various healthcare expenses that you may incur and keeps you free from financial worries
  • Health insurance plans that cater to senior citizens are customised to suit their medical needs
  • Features like annual health check-up are beneficial as they encourage you to lead a healthy lifestyle
  • Senior citizen plans cover specific medical expenses and lower your dependency on family floater plans
  • They include benefits like pre-and-post medical expenses cover, alterative treatment cover, ambulance cover, etc.
  • Additional benefits such as automatic recharge of sum insured and no claim bonus provide the vital financial cushion
  • The policy provides coverage for pre-existing diseases, subject to the policy terms and conditions
  • Policyholders can also get tax benefits of up to Rs 50,000 under Section 80 D of the Income Tax Act on the premium paid

Stay healthy and get the best financial protection to lead the golden years of life without worries.

Care Health Insurance (Formerly Religare Health Insurance) is a specialized health insurer that provides health insurance products to corporate employees, health or medical insurance plans for family, senior citizen health insurance plans, and other medical insurance plans. You can consider these plans when you decide to buy a suitable health insurance plan as per your requirements.

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