Why it is Important to Opt for Super Top-up Health Insurance?


why it is important to opt for super top up health insurance

We wish that your health always flourishes, but what if there occurs a situation that your current health insurance plan does not suffice to handle your health issues? Do not burden yourself with increasing medical expenses. With Enhance - Super Top-up Health insurance plan, you are now ensured to get the best medical treatment without any sum-insured conditions. 

Determining when you can opt for a super top-up health insurance plan is the real challenge. One can opt for a super top-up plan in the following situations:

  • When the basic health insurance plan is not enough coverage to accomplish your financial needs. Super top-up insurance provides you additional insurance coverage.
  • If the insured wants to increase the coverage without paying a higher premium. The main purpose of having super top-up insurance coverage is to keep the total premium at low cost while having a high coverage at the same time. 

In this article, we will discuss why it is best to opt for a super top-up health insurance plan. 

How a Super Top-up Health Insurance Works?

As the name suggests, a super top plan is additional coverage that acts on the principle of policy deductible, this is the predefined amount that an individual which will bear through his finances or any other insurance. For instance, if an individual purchase an Rs. 6 lakhs sum insured with deductible of Rs. 2 lakhs. Then, 2 lakhs will be borne by the insured and 6 lakhs over and above the deductible of 2 lakhs is borne by the insurer during the tenure of the policy, subject to policy terms and conditions. 

This feature allows you to stay worry-free when it comes to the deductible that you can manage with the desired sum insured. This makes you less carefree when it is about you and your family’s healthcare requirements.

Inclusions of Super Top-up Insurance Plan

Before opting for a super top-up insurance plan, let us know the inclusions of super top-up insurance plans. 

  • Hospitalization expenses: If a person is admitted for in-patient care, for a minimum period of 24 successive hours, it provides the following benefits, such as cover for room charges, intensive care unit charges and operation theatre charges. 
  • Pre and post hospitalization medical expenses: Pre-hospitalization expenses such as tests, examination, and medicines that are incurred before hospitalization are included in this plan. Post-hospitalization expenses include medical expenses that are incurred on consultations, therapy, and follow-up visit. The plan offers cover for these expenses. 
  • Cashless treatment: With this facility, an individual need not worry about paying hospital bills and then filing for reimbursement claim. An individual need to get admitted to any of the network hospitals and concentrate only on recovery. A person need not worry about arranging money. The insurance provider will take care of all expenses. 
  • It covers all members of the family: This feature covers all immediate members of the family for the sum insured in a single policy.

Final Word

A super top-up plan is economical for the long-term. It covers numerous illnesses which is why it is important for anyone who needs medical attention. In the long run, medical treatment may become more expensive.  This plan will help you in securing you and your family in case of any emergency. 

Opting for a super top-up insurance plan is always a wise decision. If you are thinking to opt for the best super top-up health insurance plans in India, you can opt for Enhance. It is a super top-up plan offered by Care Health Insurance (Formerly Religare Health Insurance). This feature works on the principle of policy deductible.