Why Do You Need A Maternity Insurance Plan?


why do you need a maternity insurance plan

Need for Maternity Insurance Plan

Motherhood is one of the most fulfilling and special experiences for a woman. This marks a new beginning in the lives of both parents. However, with the joy of becoming parents come several responsibilities as well. While one might realize the complete extent of his/her responsibilities while holding the little one in their arms for the first time, there are certain things that you need to take care of right from the time of your child’s birth. This is important as the mother needs to seek proper medical attention in order to ensure her well-being as well as the baby’s development.

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Considering the rising cost of healthcare, availing the best medical facilities can prove to be quite expensive. Since there is a myriad of responsibilities you would need to undertake as a parent, you must start keeping a tab on your finances right from the stage of conception. To make this easier, you should consider buying the best maternity health insurance plan that will provide you with the necessary financial protection against your medical needs during this time.

Here are a few reasons that make maternity insurance plan an absolute must for an expecting mother: -

1. Financial Protection

A maternity insurance plan would safeguard you against several expenses that you might have to face during pregnancy. Following are some of the common things that a maternity insurance plan covers:

  • All the expenses related to maternity
  • Expenses of the new-born from the day of birth to up to ninety days
  • Hospitalization expenses including day-care as well as in-patient cover
  • Pre-hospitalization expenses including tests, diagnosis, and medications
  • Post hospitalization expenses including the charges for follow up, tests, and medications

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2. Zero Payment Treatment

One of the most important benefits of opting for a maternity insurance plan is zero payment treatment. This implies that you do not have to gather bills or wait for reimbursement. By availing treatment at network hospitals, one can avail of this benefit.

3. Direct Claim Settlement

You can avail cashless hospitalization in case of an emergency or a planned hospitalization with the help of a maternity insurance plan. However, if you had to choose a non-networked hospital to carry out your treatment, you can then claim the expenses by sending the specified documents to your health insurance company.

4. Pre-Policy Medical Check-up

Most health insurance policies require you to undergo certain medical tests that help the insurer get a better idea of your current health condition and future needs. The cost of these pre-policy medical check-ups will be covered as well.

Welcoming your bundle of joy into your lives will undoubtedly be one of the most special feelings for you and your spouse. So, to make sure that your financial planning for your little one goes together with your budget, you must consider getting a maternity insurance plan.

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