How to Buy Health Insurance Online When You Are Corona Lockdown?


The bustling streets, crowded bazaars, and stuffed metro are now quiet for the next 21 days. The Indian government has enforced a nationwide lockdown in an attempt to break the chain of COVID-19 infection. Authorities appealed citizens not to panic and stay at home. In such a debilitating situation, comprehensive health insurance can act as your savior.

But now you must be wondering how to buy health insurance during the lockdown when you are not allowed to step out of your home and offices are closed. Here is the solution- you can opt for it online while sitting at your home. Read below these simple steps:

Use Health Insurance Premium Calculator

The first thing you should do to buy health insurance online is to use a health insurance premium calculator available on our official website. After entering all the required details, you will get the quote including the premium amount.

Compare the premium of our different plans and choose the one that covers maximum diseases, including coronavirus.

Check Network Hospitals

Check the list of network hospitals, see how many are located near to your locality, and how many are authorized to treat corona positives. So, if required, you can commute easily if any of your loved ones need to hospitalize during the lockdown period.

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Look for the Coverage

You should also inquire about the coverage of health insurance plans, read the online brochure carefully and look at what type of coverage you will be getting in the plan.

Make sure that your policy should cover pre and post-hospitalization expenses, treatment, and medication.

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Even, organ donor, day care treatment, dialysis cover, ambulance cover, and second opinion should also be included in the health cover.

Know About Exclusions

After you learn about coverage, know about the policy exclusions as well. Exclusions are the conditions when you cannot get the claim.

Check whether you will get the claim for corona. The best health insurance policy offers maximum coverage with minimal exclusions.

Read Online Reviews

Also, you can read onlie reviewes related to customer services, claim process, and genunity. It tells you the success stories and give you a confidence to make your buying decision without a hitch.  

Additionally, you can also check online rating and then proceed further.

Submit Document Online

After satisfying all your queries, submit the required documentation online. You neither need to go to the branch office of the company nor any executive come to your place. You can maintain the social distancing during the lockdown.

Your documents will be verified by the respective team and send you the acknowledgment via email.

Online Payment

After submitting the documents online, you can make the secure payment either by net banking, debit or credit cards or, payment wallets. You will get the policy number and health card on your mail-id. 


Thus, your utmost responsibility in the corona outbreak is to protect yourself and your family with the right health insurance. So, during lockdown if, any medical emergency occurs, you can avail the best health care for them.

Care Health Insurance (Formerly Religare Health Insurance) offers comprehensive health insurance plans with maximum coverage. You can easily buy them online without stepping out during the corona lockdown.